Upcoming Films on Disney+

Upcoming Films on Disney+

By camilaforero

New releases on Disney+ contain a wide variety, from movies, series to documentaries that can be enjoyed with the whole family and friends.

Now we will see a list with some of the film releases for the month of February on Disney+. It is important to keep in mind that this list is subject to change, and not all titles are available in all regions and countries, we are based on the list of releases for the United States.

Let’s start with the list, let’s see in this opportunity the films that we will have soon on Disney +:

Wednesday 2nd February 2022

The New Air Force One: Flying Fortress

We start the list with this documentary, where we can see and have access to the Air Force One crew. And where we will also see the secret operation to replace two of their planes with a new plane.

Friday 4th February 2022

Never Been Kissed

We continue with a 1999 film, starring Drew Barrymore, who plays Josie, an editor, who must infiltrate a high school in order to prepare a report on student life. But not everything is very comfortable for her and it is hard for her to fit in, as being in this school life once again brings back some unpleasant memories from her past.

The Real Black Panther

We will see in this documentary the story of Saya, who is the true black panther, and his rise to power. And whereas Saya tries to rise to power, a new challenger arrives, one that is one very different from all the leopards that came before him in the Kabini Forest of India.


In this documentary we’ll get a deeply intimate look at the Lowe-Anker family, where we’ll also see never-before-released archival footage of the ill-fated 1999 expedition where legendary climber Alex Lowe was tragically lost along with his cameraman and fellow climber David Bridges. in a deadly avalanche on the slopes of the Tibetan mountain Shishapangma.

Renowned mountaineer Conrad Anker, who was also Alex’s best friend and climbing partner, miraculously survived the avalanche. Conrad Anker and Alex’s widow, Jennifer, after this tragedy fell in love and got married. Conrad Anker also stepped in to help raise Alex’s three children.

In addition to the archive footage, we’ll also get to see early footage of Alex and Anker as young climbers, as well as personal home videos and quite candid interviews with Lowe-Anker.

Snow Dogs

This film tells the life of Dr. Ted Brooks, who is a Miami dentist and who inherits a pack of sled dogs. During this adventure he is faced with losing the dogs to Thunder Jack, a mountaineer, but he will have to learn some of the tricks of the trade so that does not happen and keep the dogs.

Tuesday 8th February 2022

Summer of Soul (…or, When the Revolution Could Not be Televised)

Here we find this powerful and captivating documentary, which is also part musical film, and part historical record, that was created around an epic event that celebrated African-American history, culture and fashion. This is the feature filmmaking debut of Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson.

Wednesday 23rd February 2022

Free Guy 

This film tells the life of a bank teller, who is actually a background player in an open world video game and who decides to become the hero of his own story, which he can rewrite. In this story there is a world without limits and where he tries to save the day and in the process find romance.

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