Upcoming films by Jenna Ortega

Upcoming films by Jenna Ortega

By dayannastefanny

After the great success of the series “Wednesday” Jenna Ortega and now well, this is the hottest place in the cinema because, to be honest, are an icon, a legend, and an era. And here are all the movies and series you’ll be seen in.

What are the new movies and series?

Scream VI

For starters, on March 10, 2023, we will see her in Scream VI, the new installment of the popular horror saga in which the actress will return to play Tara Carpenter, one of the survivors of the previous film although not much is known about the film yet, this time its protagonists will have to deal with Ghostface in New York City, as shown in the following preview of Scream VI.

Miller’s Girl

In 2023, a drama written and directed by Jade Halley Bartlett in which the actress shares notice with Martin Freeman. According to the legalized plot of Miller’s Girl, “a creative puzzle profession produces complex results between a reader and his talented schoolgirl”. For the latter, its theatrical release date is unknown.

Finishing things off is Finest Kind, a Brian Helgeland-directed, pamphlet thriller starring Jenna Ortega alongside Ben Foster, Tommy Lee Jones, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Tim Daly, Clayne Crawford, Lolita Davidovich, Fernanda Andrade, and Toby Wallace, among others. Still, without a theatrical debut term, the chip plot reads as follows: “Two siblings are forced to beat a treaty with Boston physiological death.


We’ll finally have to wait until 2023 to see it, as Netflix has set its premiere for February 9, 2023, a deeply obsessive and dangerously seductive young man moves heaven and earth to install himself in the lives of those he is captivated by. See all you want.

Jenna Ortega’s character doesn’t know much about Joe Goldberg’s dark side. However, by the end of the second episode, the series made it clear that they keep talking no matter what. Here’s the basic lesson: Love, Joe’s love interest, played by Victoria Pedretti, in one episode tells Ellie that she should study at a culinary school in Paris. And the third part of YOU shows Joe in this French city.

Wednesday 2

Netflix’s series about the Addams Family raises the possibility of the second season of Wednesday. Directed by Tim Burton, the eight-episode first season follows Wednesday Addams as she is sent to Nevermore Academy, a boarding school for supernatural “outcasts.” Wednesday’s first season consists primarily of the character learning to adapt to her new school while solving a murder mystery that affected her parents Morticia and Gomez Addams 30 years ago. Although the series revolves around the coming-of-age story of Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday, the creepy members of the iconic Addams family remain integral to the murderous plot.

Wednesday Addams may have already solved the main mystery of Season 1 by unmasking Tyler as the Hyde Monster and Miss Thornhill, aka Laurel Gates, as the vengeful murderous outcast, but Wednesday’s Season 1 finale hints that there’s still more story to tell. The season 1 finale makes sure to leave some burning questions unanswered and loose ends, as Jenna Ortega’s gothic character has already made enemies through her murder investigation. As such, Wednesday will more than likely uncover Addams’s family secrets and investigate her new stalker in another season. Here’s everything we know about Wednesday season 2, including the possible premiere date, story, and cast.

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