Criminal Minds: Evolution is back

Criminal Minds: Evolution is back

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Criminal Minds: Evolution premieres next month on Paramount+, to be precise as of November 24 we can already watch the episodes on streaming. And as the debut of the reboot of the original drama looms, fans continue to get some sneak peeks. One of the main characters will be in crisis when the first two episodes hit the screen.

Criminal Minds was one of television‘s most popular crime dramas. The series first aired in 2005 on CBS and stayed on screen for 15 installments delighting viewers with each case season after season. The show came to an end in February 2020 and now the stories will be resurfacing with Criminal Minds: Evolution on Paramount+.

All six Criminal Minds cast members confirmed for renewal were part of the show’s final season, meaning Criminal Minds season 16 will likely pick up where it left off. However, the end of each character’s arc must be considered, as some characters have left the evil BAU for personal and professional reasons. However, these returning characters will provide a much-needed refresher after a long period without content. Here are the first six. The Criminal Minds team has confirmed that they will be returning for a revival.

Who was in the cast of Criminal Minds: Evolution?

Joe Mantegna as David Rossi

Joe Mantegna has played supervisory special agent David Rossi on Criminal Minds since season three. He also wondered if he would end up leaving the BAU, but changed his retirement plans because he realized what the department meant to him. Rossi’s return to Criminal Minds season 16 will be one of the easiest to explain, as he led the BAU only after the events of the series.

Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia

Kirsten Vangsness, a main character on Criminal Minds since the first season, played the role of Detective Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds. However, Garcia decided to leave the BAU at the end of Criminal Minds season 15, so her return in the revival will be harder to explain than David Rossi’s return. Penelope left the BAU to work for a non-profit organization to protect her mental health. However, all ties to BAU were not severed at that time, as she had recently agreed to move in with former colleague Luke Alves, so it is possible that he will return to BAU.

Adam Rodriguez as Luke Alvez

Supervisory Special Agent Luke Alves, played by Adam Rodriguez, was introduced in the twelfth season of Criminal Minds. He was first brought onto the team to fill the void left by the departure of Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore), and has since had many appearances in the last three seasons of Tragic Memories, including and being kidnapped with his colleague during the fifth. Season 15 episode, “Ghost.” His love interest in Penelope Garcia and his continued work with BAU after the end of the first season will facilitate his character’s return to the revival.

AJ Cook as Jennifer Jareau

Jennifer Jaro, played by AJ Cooke, may have the biggest personality of all the Criminal Minds characters. After several intense and disturbing episodes of The Secret, starting a family with her husband and changing three names, JJ’s story in the fifteenth season wasn’t very interesting. She recovered from the shooting in the first 15 seasons while trying to find a way to get a job in New Orleans, as well as dealing with her negative feelings for her partner Spencer Reed. However, by the end of the first series, Jaro confirms that he lives at Quantico with the rest of the BAU, making the return to rehab as easy as Rossi and Alves.

Aisha Tyler as Tara Lewis

Aisha Tyler Dr. Tara Lewis will also return for a revival after being a member of BAU since season 12. Her skills as a psychologist and investigation of the latest killer may provide a Criminology revival moment with many lines of inquiry. Considering the series finale confirmed that she will, once again, be staying in the BAU alongside her co-stars, Lewis’ return to the reboot is a great addition to the cast.

Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss

As the real BAU Unit Chief on Criminal Mindsthe figure of Paget Brewster, Emily Prentiss, is a blur for the revival and, thankfully, Brewster is confirmed to return to the Criminal Minds broadcast. In the wake of an abrupt software intermission between Phase 7 and Phase 12, Emily Prentiss has had an amazing syndicated run and was able to nurture her obligation as Unit Head in the later Phase 15 in the wake of the mistakes that were made during the penultimate fluke involving Everett Lynch. . It was also shown that Prentiss was looking for building with her recent companion Andre Mendoza (Stephen Bishop), which ultimately showed that Emily Prentiss was trying to match her intense union dynamism with her personal dynamism. Due to her role as BAU Unit Chief, Paget Brewster will likely have a medium enjuidious view in the Criminal Minds revival directory.

Who isn’t returning for the Criminal Minds revival?

The biggest absence in terms of returning actors is Matthew Gray Gubler, who played Dr. Spencer Reed has been on Criminal Minds since its inception and has been heavily involved in the show not only in front of the camera but also behind the scenes. He himself directed episodes of Criminal Minds. Gabler had previously said he was ready to leave Criminal Minds after being the show’s lead character for so long, but Dr. Reid’s popularity played a decisive role in the success of Criminal Minds. Audiences will have to wait to see if Dr. Spencer Reid has decided to leave the BAU for good after suffering a near-fatal injury from an unsub’s house explosion.

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