If you saw 1899 you can’t miss these series

If you saw 1899 you can’t miss these series

By dayannastefanny

After the great success and positioning itself among the 10 most watched on the streaming platform the Netflix series 1899 has had, and if you have already seen it and are now looking for other similar options, Cinemaholic provides its list of recommendations that are available on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. Here, the compilation from least to most relevant.

10 series you can’t miss

10. Glitch

An Australian series set in the small town of Yoorana, Victoria. Police officer James Hayes tries to solve a case about seven people who come back from the dead and can’t seem to remember who they are. Small-town mystery, one of its points of attraction.


The sci-fi thriller revolves around the idea that there are two sides to the world. The guide focuses on the story of Howard Silk, a regular UN employee, who sees this as two-fold. The attraction is that there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

8.Sense 8

It revolves around eight people from around the world with strong bonds between them. The Wachowski sisters and J. Michael Straczynski created a show about how people find their connection to a dark past that connects them through spiritual experiences.

7. The OA

Prairie Johnson is a young woman who returns after being missing for seven long years. The strange thing: Prairie was blind before her disappearance but then she can see.

6. Homecoming

Based on a Gimlet Media podcast, it’s about a former soldier who works as a waitress and loses her memory. This leads her to delve down a path of unsettling answers.

5. Departure

the reason why flight 716 had a fateful destiny or, rather, to find out who caused its downfall and where it occurred. Panjabi has the complex role of the heroine with a tumultuous past that we have seen so many times before, but her versatility allows her to approach it while avoiding the commonplaces. In the first instance, Kendra is not simply an undaunted woman with baggage she can’t let go of.

4. Manifest

A supernatural mystery fiction, When Flight 828 arrives in New York, the passengers discover that, for unknown reasons, they have spent five years in the air, but have not aged. The travelers are reunited with their loved ones, although things have returned to normal.

3. Westworld

One of the most outstanding options. It narrates how a western theme park operated by artificial intelligence leads humanity to dystopia and everything indicates that the cancellation on other platforms is part of Warner’s efforts to reduce costs and focus on more successful projects. Because it is true that Westworld became HBO’s mainstay in its first two seasons, but its popularity increased to the extent that its fourth season was not noticed.

2. Severance

Mark Scout leads the team at Lumon Industries, whose employees have gone through a retirement process that involves surgically separating their minds between work and personal life. From Apple TV+, it also has excellent reviews. It’s a sci-fi psychological thriller about work and non-work memories.

1. Dark

Translated in some countries as Dark, its central theme is the perception of time travel. Set in a small German town, the plot follows four families whose past, present, and future are connected to the town’s troubled history.

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