New Android Auto Spring 2022 features

New Android Auto Spring 2022 features

By germana

If you are an avid Android Auto user, you may be excited to find out about the new “Coolwalk” UI. The last time Android Auto had a major update was in 2019, and while Coolwalk has yet to be released, it seems to have already caught the attention of tech enthusiasts. 

If unfamiliar with this in-car software, Android Auto allows you to connect your device to your car’s dashboard screen. From your dashboard, Android Auto gives you the ability to use Google Assistant, access navigation tools, select music, make calls, and much more. All one needs to use Android Auto is check your car’s compatibility, check your phone’s compatibility (must download the Android Auto app if using an early model), and connect your device wirelessly or via a USB cable. 

Now you may be wondering, how is the new Coolwalk UI different from past versions of Android Auto. According to an article on 9to5 Google, the design is similar to Apple’s CarPlay with the added feature of Android’s distinct widgets. One redesign with Coolwalk is in how one can pull up the featured widgets. It seems as if the button to do so has been removed and replaced with a press and hold feature. In addition, the status bar has been moved to the bottom corner, where it was once viewed from the very top of the display screen. With regards to the new features of Android Auto’s Coolwalk, it seems as if there is an app dedicated to mirroring your smartphone onto your dashboard display. Android Auto also seems to have added a third option for when receiving calls. This option allows the recipient to decline and send a SMS message to the caller if they are unable to take the call. 

Given these major changes that are suspected to come with Android Auto’s Coolwalk UI, the interface is still unavailable as of today. The software is said to be undergoing development and testing hence, it is safe to assume that a specific release date may not be announced anytime soon. In the meantime, you can find out more about Android Auto’s current version by navigating to their page. Overall, Android Auto is a great in-car feature that can help you use your device hands free. As with any in-car software usage, make sure to keep focus on the road and drive with caution.  Avoid using your phone while driving and rather enlist the help of a passenger if possible. 


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