New API Nivels for Twitter

New API Nivels for Twitter

By eduardogaitancortez

All those currently using the Twitter API were able to continue using it until Monday, February 13. As of that date, two options will be activated: a paid option, which involves a change of $100 per month, and a free option, which is available for specific cases and with associated restrictions.

Twitter API

The announcement, made via Twitter Dev, does not go into much detail, but at least it paints a somewhat neater picture. As for the paid variant, Twitter suggests it will provide a “low API usage grade” and access to the Ads API in exchange for the aforementioned monthly fee. Meanwhile, the new free version will limit the number of tweets to a maximum of 1,500 per month for a single authenticated customer token. The latter also includes starting the session with the social network’s credentials. From Twitter they let it be known that giving this tool is “radically fundamental” to their ecosystem, a reference that surely responds to the huge share of negative criticism it has received since Elon Musk’s original announcement.

However, widespread discontent arose after Twitter announced that it would cut off access to all those using the 1.1 and 2 variants of the API. A situation that extended the block to a plethora of tools and services such as information bots or even accessories for automatically declaring content on the social network, to name a few. Seeing that the case was getting out of hand, Elon Musk backtracked, letting it be known that a free, lightweight version would be offered to “bots that generate free, quality content.” Although according to Elevation, it will not be clear whether this was a real likelihood, or a hasty effort to prevent the situation from exploding in his hands.


After a wait of more than a month, Twitter has finally released the updated cost builds for the new API. It also announced that over the next 30 days it will eliminate the Standard (for v1.1), Important and High (for v2) entry levels, as well as the Premium level. The new scheme will have only 3 levels, including a free main level geared toward bots that publish content, a vital level of $100 per month, and finally, an enterprise level that will cost much more, although so far the costs of this project have not been specified.

Free: writing-only income with the ability to declare 1,500 tweets per month at no cost. Vital: $100 per month subscription for beginners, allowing you to release up to 3,000 tweets per month at the client level, or 50,000 tweets per month at the app level. Reading limit is 10,000 tweets. Enterprise: Access to commercial class and managed services from a dedicated account team. Twitter also disclosed that all subscription levels will have free access to the Ads API. As for the academic company, Twitter did not provide much information about the future use of the API.


Twitter suggests that the company is “looking for new ways” to help academic society, without delving into probable alternatives. The company said that as it establishes a usage grade for the academic environment, scholars have the choice to subscribe to the free, basic and enterprise levels. Probably the most available levels do not have the resources needed for academics and the enterprise degree is quite expensive, so they will have to wait for Twitter to set new guidelines for this company.

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