New updates on Pixel devices

New updates on Pixel devices

By dayannastefanny

Google has announced a new Pixel Feature Drop and not only that, but it’s huge. It even brings news of the latest Pixel Watch and Pixel Feature Drop from December comes with Google One VPN at no additional cost for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro owners.

What’s new in Pixel Feature Drop?

Sleep Profile

Your Fitbit Premium Subscription It’s free for six months for new Pixel Watch customers, but after that, you’ll have to pay $8.99 per month to get these features. The sleep app gives you a high-level view of your sleep quality, considering factors like time, energy, or relaxation, and suggests the best animal for your sleep patterns. Rewards will be adjusted monthly based on your performance. For this to work, you must wear your Pixel Watch before bedtime for 14 days of the month to receive rewards on the first day of the following month.

There are also new Pixel wallpapers and new Pixel Watch tiles, including the sunrise/sunset in the Weather app, and the Contacts app now lets you add the five contacts you want so you can call and connect with them, your data in one tap.

Surfing securely with a VPN

A VPN is designed in such a way that your internet traffic cannot be linked to your identity. Previously, the service was available for free to Google One members with Platinum plans (2TB and up), but now it’s available to Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro owners regardless of their Google One subscription. Yes, VPN continues to work with the Google One device.

Clearer calls

Are now integrated with Android devices, and this new feature has action cards at the top that notify you of any security threats and give you steps to take to update things Clear Call on Pixel 7 and 7 Pro amplifies the other person’s voice and reduces background noise, so you can hear the other person clearly even in a noisy environment.

Digital key

This allows you to lock, unlock and start the same car as your phone and can be shared with friends and family who want to get in that car. In addition, Gboard includes French language support, Live Translation can translate text in your messaging apps into Arabic, Farsi, Swedish, Vietnamese, and Danish (on Pixel 6 and later versions), and search with an even more powerful device on Pixel 4a and later versions. The new Pixel 4a and voicemail recording are also seen on Pixel 4a and later versions.

Google Recorder

Google Recorder just got better. Starting with the Pixel 6 and in English, the app will be able to recognize and tag each person in the recording, allowing you to edit the tag names later to find out who is speaking during the recording.


Also on the Pixel 6, we see that Google Recorder can record in Spanish and Italian. In addition, Assistant allows you to use speed dials or alarms, among other things, without saying “Ok Google“. The Quick Commands section of the Google Assistant settings will contain all the actions you can do in Spanish without daring to say, “Ok Google” or “Ok Google”.

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