Plunder Panic: The Steam Arcade Game is Free Right Now

Plunder Panic: The Steam Arcade Game is Free Right Now

By Alex Balaniuc

Every now and then, Steam gives users the chance to get a random game completely for free. This time around, the arcade platformer Plunder Panic is on. For a very limited time period, the video game will be completely free to play. And once you install it on your PC, you’ll get to keep it forever.

Save 100% on Plunder Panic on Steam now

If you manage to download Plunder Panic by 7:00 pm of today February 28, you’ll save 100% on it. So, any Steam user with a love for retro gaming, 2D platforming, PVP and pirates should definitely take the opportunity and download Plunder Panic on Steam for free!

Unlike many other free trials on Steam, Plunder Panic, once redeemed, will always remain in your Steam account library (unless you delete it from there yourself, of course). This is a pretty unusual occurence, since in most cases free to play games will disappear from your library after the limited time trial expires (this usually happens with games available on “free weekend”).

Now, Plunder Panic, available on Windows and Mac, is usually priced at $9.99. So if you’re fast enough in getting it for free before 7:00 pm, that would be a pretty sweet deal.

What Plunder Panic is about in short

Now, what’s Plunder Panic about? It’s a pirate-themed arcade game that can be played both single player and multiplayer mode. Multiplayer allows a maximum of 12 players, divided into 2 teams, to challenge each other. The goal is to establish your own team’s undisputed hegemony over the seas. Cooperate alongside your companions to runsack enemy ships, defeat enemy pirate captains, steal their booty and, most importantly, conquer the checkpoints you’ll find along the way.

Why is the game still Early Access?

The version of Plunder Panic that’s been released on Steam is Early Access, meaning that more features and upgrades are to come in the next few weeks. But, even so, the game is super fun to play as it is. And since you can get it for free right now, why not take the opportunity?

For those who are wondering why Plunder Panic is still Early Access, after being released on September 17 2021, the reason is Will Winn Games‘ ambition to perfect the online multiplayer aspect. Apart from fleshing out the online multiplayer system, the development team is also focused on exploring other elements, such as player rankings, achievements and character customization. The eSports and tournament play aspects are also a point of interest.

Get Plunder Panic for free on Steam right now

Now, let’s get into how you can get Plunder Panic for free on Steam:

– log in to your Steam account

– go to Plunder Panic’s web page (click here, or simply enter “Plunder Panic” in the search bar)

– scroll down until you come across the Add to Account button

– the game will now be added to your Steam video game library, and you’ll be able to re-install on your PC as many times as you want




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