The Lightning Bolt 360

The Lightning Bolt 360

You need to shield your eyes from the brutally harsh sunlight when you’re outdoors. You additionally need to shield your eyes from the glowing light of the screen when you’re indoors. For this purpose, purchasing a couple of glasses with blue light block feature and a couple of bossy shades. Gunnar has another alternative: The Lightning Bolt 360. It’s a couple of gaming glasses and a couple of cool bossy shades, with lenses which are replaceable, the nosepieces, and the temples too, so you can make your glasses of your own will. It is quite expensive if you don’t have the prescription, but a little less price if there is a prescription. Nonetheless it truly fulfills the role of both kinds of glasses.


The principle outline, the piece of the Lightning Bolt 360 that holds both of the lenses, are a made up of hard plastic with a lustrous dark completion and finished over the top half and down over the bridge, and a matte completion on the underside of the lenses between the sides and the bridge. The shape and style of the edges are rectangular/trapezoidal, which is like Gunnar’s Enigma frame outlines.

Gunnar provides three nosepieces in different sizes with this product i.e. the Lightning Bolt 360.

A couple of lens’ sets also accompany the Lightning Bolt 360, alongside this there are a couple of special Gunnar Amber lenses that block 65 percent of blue light with a yellow color and a couple of Gunnar Sun that block 90 percent of blue light with a dim dark blue color. In the event that you buy it with the prescription of the Lightning Bolt 360, the two arrangements of lens will be covered in it (which is the reason that with the prescription it increases about twice that of Gunnar’s regular glasses).

The sides of the Lightning Bolt 360 have pivots that end in little, dark plastic tabs. These tabs safely click into the three distinctive temple alternatives. One is a couple of solid plastic arms with elastic-cushioned ends that wraps around the head. Another is with a rather slenderer metal arms with elastic (rubber) tips, for a much lighter fit. The third is a link like texture that wraps totally around the head and tightens out.


The strap choice is intended to kill pressure from customary glasses temples when wearing a headset, however the slender metal temples are thin enough that you shouldn’t feel a lot of weight while wearing them with a headset, by the same token. Both traditional temple sets have a lightning jolt plan that crisscrosses somewhat past the pivot, which Gunnar says calms tension on the temples.

Modify your Glasses

Exchanging between the distinctive temple choices is simple: Just press the dark tabs within the temple close to the pivots and they come directly off. Exchanging nosepieces is also simple, with a little plastic pivot that lets you basically pull them off the glasses. Exchanging between the Amber and lens for the Sun is somewhat more strangely done, since you need to eliminate the nosepiece first, at that point push the lens themselves to make them jump out of their edges, at that point push on the new other lens to pop them once again into the right spot. All parts and pieces of the Lightning Bolt 360 feel exceptionally strong, including the lens themselves, so you don’t need to stress over incidentally breaking them. Just keep them clean.

What’s in the box?

Two sets of lenses, three nosepieces, and three pairs of the temples for the Lightning Bolt 360. Gunnar likewise incorporates a square, hard-shell flash zippy case for holding these various parts, a pocket for holding simply the glasses, a microfiber fabric, and a couple of Gunnar focal point wipes for good measure.

The Lightning Bolt 360 feels very good with each of the three temple alternatives. The arms fit safely over the ears without pressing or squeezing even on the head, and by large they feel light. The lash makes the glasses much lighter, and diminishes pressure when wearing a headset.

Blue Light Blocking Lenses

The lenses are indistinguishable from the Amber and Sun focal points you’ll discover in normal Gunnar gaming glasses and shades. The yellow color of the Amber focal points assists block with excursion blue light from screens that will in general have cool whites, and excessively cool fluorescent and LED lights. The genuine advantage to decreased blue light remaining parts is not yet clear, yet we’ve discovered the color to be gainful when we experience eye strain or get light-touchy migraines. Know that the hefty color will slant tones, so you shouldn’t wear the glasses in case you’re accomplishing innovative work that requires shading precision. The Sun lens is essentially the lens used in shades, appropriate for wearing outside yet not before a screen.

In case you’re myopic, know that Gunnar utilizes an extremely slight amplification factor for its gaming lens (except if you explicitly get Neutral lens, which aren’t yet accessible with the Lightning Bolt 360). This can feel marginally perplexing in case you’re utilized to just putting your glasses on to see objects a way off. So, after working in front of screens you might feel a little discomfort.

Both Gaming Glasses and Sunglasses 

The Gunnar Lightning Bolt 360 gaming glasses offer something for practically any case. You can wear them when gaming with the Amber lens or outside with the lens (the ones you wear in the sun). You can wear them with nothing on your head utilizing the plastic temples, or with a headset utilizing the metal strap. The various alternatives are convenient, regardless of whether exchanging lenses feels somewhat not normal. If you don’t utilize the prescribed lens and need both gaming glasses and shades, the Lightning Bolt 360 considers every contingency for not-so-costly 130 dollars of price. On the off chance that you need a prescribed lens, that value bounces up to $350, however you’ll get both gaming glasses and shades, and you’ll be paying not exactly getting two sets of Gunnars (which for the most part range between $180 and $210).

On the off chance that the hefty color of the Amber focal points that accompany the Lightning Bolt 360 doesn’t engage you, however you need a one-piece gaming/shades bundle, Japanese glasses maker Jins makes fantastic “Switch” outlines. They’re accessible with a more inconspicuous Jins Blue Light color and highlight coverings that snap on attractively to sit flush against the edges. Also, at $150 to $200 with a prescribed lens, they’re a reasonable piece, more affordable than the prescribed Lightning Bolt 360.


Needless to give an explanation, JUST BUY THEM!

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