The World Cup kick-off countdown is on!

The World Cup kick-off countdown is on!

By camilaforero

Do not miss any important moment of the FIFA World Cup, let’s see some features that can help you a lot to be aware of the World Cup where 32 nations will face each other to win the cup and also so that you are updated on everything that happens in this great event.

Get in on the action with Search

You can search World Cup on Google to be aware of all the updates of this event, no matter if you are a casual fan or a big soccer fan, you can be updated with all the news. To receive notifications with World Cup news you can click on the bell in the upper right corner so that you receive all the updates.

It is also known that many fans of the sport want all the details, so if you want to find out about a match, you can search it to find detailed statistics, odds of winning, and schedules of key events that are related to the match.

How can you see the details?

It is very likely that someone cannot be aware of the games all the time and every minute, possibly this is your case, however, there is no need to worry, with the Google application for Android or from Search in mobile browsers, you can access the information of the match you want to track, and in this way by dragging the icon you can see the score anywhere on your screen.


Another feature that you can have is being able to see all the exciting moments of each game, with daily highlights videos directly in FIFA+ Search and also from official broadcasters, such as beIN SPORTS, BBC, ZDF, among others. You can also search for information on any player to find out about their respective stories and achievements that you might want to know about.

Another function that you can find in the Finder is that you can rate the players, depending on how you think their performance is and compare the opinions with others in the community, and very soon there will be a multiplayer online game where you can also compete with other fans of the soccer, where everyone can play to get the most goals to win; and when a real game is happening in real time you can choose your favorite team and score the most virtual goals together with other fans before the game ends to win.

Find exciting content from the FIFA World Cup 2022 on YouTube

Starting from November 20, you can find all the important and exciting moments of every match on YouTube through FIFA and official broadcast channels, also YouTube TV subscribers can watch FIFA World Cup 2022 live on FOX and FS1, in this way you can be aware of all the news of the matches and players, and even people who are subscribed to the 4K Plus add-on, can get to see all the matches, the 64 matches in ultra high definition.

Telemundo offers the possibility of watching the broadcasts in Spanish, with the YouTube TV Base Plan, also finding exclusive content. And with the Remix option in Shorts you can find your favorite World Cup moments using the #ShortsFIFAWorldCup, you can also follow the hashtag to find the content.

Catch the matches and highlights with Google TV

You can tune in to all the World Cup matches from start to finish with your Google TV device, you can explore and find match highlights, live matches, among other content from FIFA+, ITV, Peacock, Telemundo, ViX and other broadcasters, All this content is updated on Chromecast with Google TV and other Google TV devices, among them you can find Hisense, Philips, Sony and TCL.

Discover new places to see the action

By searching “Where to watch the World Cup near me” in the search engine, you can find nearby places to watch the games in some businesses, which can broadcast the games following local rules about showing sporting events to the public.

Countdown with Wear OS

Using your Wear OS by Google watch you can watch games from your calendar in the Agenda app and ask Google to set reminders for upcoming games you want to watch, the watch will also show a countdown to the opening game on November 20, as well as have information on any match, if you have any notes, the profiles of the players and also the line-ups of the teams.

Grow your knowledge about the World Cup with Assistant

You can say “Give me a fun fact about soccer” using the Google Assistant to get information, and you can even chat with the assistant by asking questions like “Do you like soccer?” and “Who is your favorite soccer player?” among others and even celebrate when your favorite team wins or I scored a goal.

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