This Human-Size Robot now has ‘Eyes’

This Human-Size Robot now has ‘Eyes’

By eduardogaitancortez

At the moment it hardly surprises anyone that there are robots with the function of being able to perform human tasks almost autonomously and it is for this reason that companies try to improve their capabilities to integrate different functionalities from what one might expect.

The Human-Size Robot

This is the situation of Agility Robotics, the organization in the robotics sector that has years of experience behind it and that already has a robot model capable of operating in the center of warehouses and organizations to do repetitive tasks, as confirmed by the company in its last reported. They are not robots as amazing as the ones that the cinema has shown us, but without a doubt they will take for granted a before and after in many companies during the following years.

Technology continues to advance and the robotics industry looks to other sectors to join forces and integrate resolutions that will change our own lives in the following decades, such as the situation of the so-called biobots. DIGIT: he is a robot, however he seems more and more human every time The Agility Robotics robot was developed to escort the population and do work in work spaces that were designed for people, as claimed by the technology company.


The first models of the new Digit are able to move in a controlled space, pick up boxes and deposit them in the appropriate place. In addition, they have a curious feature in their humanoid head that gives them a different appearance from previous variants. Previously it was equipped with a LiDAR sensor that seemed to be able to know what was happening around it at all times.

Now, the huge novelty of these robots, at least the most attractive, is the presence of animated LED eyes, which flash as if it were a real person. The eyes are able to show other people the direction it will take next, so that the relationship is much more dynamic in handling its tasks alongside other people.

Digit will be presented in front of the 45,000 attendees expected at this industry’s most anticipated event of the year. ProMat 2023 in Chicago, to be held March 20-23. The company demonstrates that Digit could not only be effective as a workforce, but that it is a multifunctional robot. That is, capable of performing different functions autonomously, eliminating the need to have different systems for different functions at the center of warehouses.


Damion Shelton, co-founder of Agility Robotics confirms that:

“3 years ago, we introduced the first commercially available bipedal robot in human form and intended for work. Since then, we have seen the great interest in Digit by multinational logistics companies and have worked with them to understand how they want to use Digit to improve supply chain and warehouse operations. We’ve designed the next generation of Digit with those consumer usage scenarios in mind.”

One of the most amazing things about Digit is that it was built in just a few months. The aim of the company is that this innovative humanoid is a robot for general use, being able to be acquired by anyone.

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