Top 10 amazon web services in 2020

Top 10 amazon web services in 2020

By carolc

Top 10 amazon web services in 2020

Amazon web services have helped out millions of businesses and organizations. The services are so many that you may not know the one that’ll strike well with your business. Finding the right Amazon Web Services that meet your organization’s requirements can elevate your organization’s productivity, development and growth.

In this article, we’ve made a list of some Amazon Web Services we think your organization will need. We’ll be checking out popular AWS mostly used by Amazon Service clients and admins. Are you set? Let’s sail!

1. Amazon S3

Amazon S3 tops this list for a number of reasons. It is largely because of its major role in storing and retrieving data in cloud computing. Amazon S3 stands for Amazon Simple Storage Service or simply put, Amazon S3. This service allows for storage and retrieval of data from the cloud.

Amazon S3 enables users to store, upload and retrieve files as large as 5 TB from the cloud. If you’re in search of a high-speed, low-cost and scalable web-based service, Amazon S3 is the best for you. It is made to archive and backup application programs and data online.

In addition, users using Amazon S3 have access to the system Amazon is using to operate its website. Also, as a user, you can control both public and private access to data.

2. Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)

Do you want a scalable computing service in AWS computing? Amazon EC2 provides such service. With the use of Amazon EC2, development and deployment of applications can be done quickly, at cost-effective rate.

In addition, Amazon EC2 can be used to launch virtual servers. The launching of these servers is based on your requirements.

3. AWS Lambda

With AWS Lamba, the days of running codes with servers are over. You don’t need a server when you got AWS Lambda! When the code is needed, AWS Lambda carries out the code’s execution and have it scaled automatically.

As a user of this service, the only charge you’ll be paying for is the compute time. When your code is not running, you won’t be charged for anything. Codes written in Node.js, Python, Java and other programming languages supported by Amazon Linux are supported by AWS Lambda.

4. Amazon Glacier

One of the most crucial services offered by Amazon Web Services is Amazon Glacier. This service is all you need for your online web storage. The storage offered by this service is low-cost, effective and satisfying!

What’s more, the storage facility comes with security features to aid data back up and archival. Whatever data you store on Amazon Glacier, it’ll be there safe and intact for months, years and even up top to decades!

5. Amazon SNS

Amazon SNS is a beneficial service by web service offered by Amazon Web Services. SNS represents Simple Notification Service. This service covers management and delivery of messages or notifications to users and clients on any type of cloud platform.

It is important to know there are two categories of clients on Amazon SNS. They are the subscribers and publishers. Messages are produced and sent by the publishers via communication channels. On the other end, subscribers receive notifications through supported protocols like Amazon SQS, Lambda, HTTP, and so on.

6. Amazon CloudFront

If you want to know how efficient and fast your website is, you can use Amazon CloudFront service to do the check up. With this service, your dynamic and static web content like .css, .html and image files can be sent to users. Using CloudFront services allows for secured delivery of your images, applications, videos and data to users and clients.

What’s more, the transfer speed is high. So, with this service, you needn’t worry about delayed content delivery to your clients. Everything done with the use of this service is carried out on a developer-friendly ambiance.

7. Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store)

This Amazon service is used for the storage of persistent data. EBS service can be used for moving data from one instance to another instance without loss of any data stored in the EBS. It operates on a block-level storage capacity when using EC2 instances.

Also, mounting two or more volume on the same instance is possible with this service.  It must however be noted that each instance can only be attached to a single instance at a time.

8. Amazon Kinesis

Large data implies like storage capacity, security and efficiency. Even it’s a small data, you can’t afford to store it inefficiently. To the big question of our concern, are you troubled on how you can manage large volume of data? If yes, then Amazon kinesis is for you.

Amazon Kinesis service helps in handling large volume of data in real-time. This service allows developers to select any volume of data from any source to run on EC2 instance. Data are stored, captured and processed from large stream if distributions like log events and social media feeds.

Upon the completion of data processing, Amazon kinesis service distributes the data to the consumers concurrently.

9. Amazon VPC

Perhaps you are wondering if your data is safe and secure in the AWS cloud? Is it? Well, yes! Your data is safe and secure on Amazon Web Services cloud with the Amazon VPC service. Amazon VPC runs on virtual privacy.

When you use Virtual Private Network, only people with authorization have access to it. So, the authorization of people to stored data allows for security and safety of data. The information stored in Amazon VPC can never be viewed or accessed by an outsider or public network service.

10. Amazon SQS

Are you thinking of how to manage your message queue services? Then Amazon SQS is the right deal for you. SQS represents Simple Queue Service. It is the perfect service you need for having a smooth message queue management. Using Amazon SQS enables you to move data or message from one application to another even when not in the active state.

Furthermore, Amazon SQS sends message between multiple services. Some of these services include S3, DynamoDB and EC2 instance. Also, this Amazon service can deliver information with the use of Java message queue service.  In the SQS queue, a message’s maximum visibility time out is 12 hours.


Understanding the AWS cloud services is the top aim of this article. We have listed a number of these services here. We hope you’ll find them useful and effective for the smooth running, storage and management of your data.

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