Top 10 Most In-demand IT Jobs for 2020 and Beyond

Top 10 Most In-demand IT Jobs for 2020 and Beyond


The unexpected events that have started developing at the beginning of 2020 have also reshaped the job market. Some trends will continue with its upward trend, but there are career options that look less promising now than they did at the end of 2019. The above is true for the IT industry. Businesses are now relying on engineers to speed up automation and robotization. While this may cut jobs in one industry, it will create jobs in another. More than ever specialists in machine learning, automation, and big data are in high demand.


For people who are now at the point of making a career decision, it is wise not only to look at what the schools and universities are offering but also to research the current state of affairs in the world. Educational institutions are notoriously reluctant to change. Elon Musk has said that he is willing to hire employees without a degree as long as he sees that they are passionate about their job. Some famous names in the tech industry without a degree include Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg.


That being said, not all occupations can be learned by watching YouTube videos and attending free courses online. Attending live classes not only helps to expand your knowledge but also it is a place for networking and meeting like-minded people.


The list below includes occupations that will be in demand beyond 2020 it is following some similarities with the previous two years. The difference is the increased demand for AI and machine learning specialists.



�� – AI/Machine learning engineer
�� – Algorithm engineers
According to Glassdoor, the national average Machine Learning Engineer salary in the USA is $114,121 per year. Currently, the demand for machine learning specialists is outpacing the supply, and that is why the salaries are higher than the average for the IT field. This trend is highly likely to continue.


Algorithms engineers are not often mentioned but highly valued. Algorithms stand behind the Google search result, they are the result of what you see on your home Spotify screen and your Amazon home page. Just because good Algorithmists are so rare to find, the average salary in the field is higher than the average salary of a software developer: $135,109 per year according to An important thing to note is that not all good developers are good Algorithmists and not all good Algorithmists are good developers. While many people can simultaneously be developers and come up with great algorithms, this is not the case for everyone.



�� – Business intelligence analyst
The world is turning into a data-driven environment where data security, data analyst and research are leading the way. Just like the name says, analytical skills are most important when working as a Business intelligence analyst. Programming skills and problem-solving are also must-haves, but even more, value is put on attention to detail.



�� – IT Security analyst
�� – Data security analyst
�� – Network and system administrators

The demand for IT security specialists has increased due to the widening implementation of computer systems in our daily lives. Nowadays, when even the doorbell possesses a threat with its ability to open the door to a stranger, IT security is as important as the physical security of our beings because they are interconnected.
The salaries in the field differ depending on where the company is located but for the USA, according to Glassdoor, the average annual salary is $76,410.


The Network and system administrators fall within the IT security category because, besides managing the uptime and performance of the computers and servers, they are also responsible for their security. Some bigger organizations might separate the duties of the security administrators, network administrators, and database administrators.



�� – Mobile applications developer
�� – Web developer
�� – Database developer

Just because Big data and machine learning are taking over, doesn�t mean that we will stop using apps or browsing the web the old fashioned way on our desktop computers. Software development is still popular and in high demand job, but it is worth noting that in recent years the supply has increased, but so as the demand. Nowadays it is not hard to find a software developer, but hiring companies point out that it is hard to find a good software developer. If you decide to become one, make sure you strive for excellence to be successful.

It is also worth noting that Database developers have been more in demand lately than ever before.