Virtual reality in Need for Speed

Virtual reality in Need for Speed

By dayannastefanny

What is Need for Speed No Limits?

are a free high-speed video game for iOS and Android and a mobile game developed by Stommonkeys Studios and professionally published. Among the 360-degree racing games, we can find new ones and others that have been introduced in the world of video games over the years. The Need for Speed saga had its first version for PlayStation 1 and PC, and the versions have changed as technology has advanced and new devices have been introduced. Urban racing has a special appeal for many reasons, and thanks to this feature you can enjoy how much fun it is. That’s why we’re going to give you the option to download the Need for Speed No Limits VR APK, which is already available on the Google Play Store and has launched many downloads.

This VR urban racing romp gives you the outlet to sit in the chauffeur’s portion in the meantime piloting positively incredible vehicles, enjoying the strength of the medium and the blindness of the competition. What they will have to do will be to vote in hatching their car, to hatch a vestige, and to divide from there to get into the contest in front of positively difficult rivals. To pattern that they go winning races, they will go increasing their reputation, which will allow them to accrue more funds at the time of the competition.

You will be able to participate in 60 challenges, divided into 12 different tracks, with 4 very attractive realistic environments. For all that we mentioned, you should not deviate from this side of having fun Need for Speed is really apparent for Android, and thus recreate yourself for hours.

Need for Speed No Limits is available now.

Instead of the standard edition of Need For Speed Limits that we can find in the Google Play Store, this time we use the new Need for Speed Limits VR which, as its name suggests, is fully adapted for use with Google Daydream VR. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best games we can see today, but we have bad news: for now, we can’t play it in our country. When it is available, you will have to pay for it, it has a price of 16.99 euros although the price may vary which does not seem too expensive to us considering the work involved in making a game like this.

If we are followers of the Need for Speed saga, we will immediately recognize the route shown in the video as one of those present in the Most Wanted installment, although given the type of game-oriented to mobile devices and virtual reality, we cannot ask for much graphic quality. Still, it is a big leap compared to what we can currently find in this category where we will have more than a dozen tracks, where you can perform up to 60 events. The most exclusive cars in the country are assured in this game, which adds to the amazing interior decoration. Then we can turn our heads to see who is coming behind or see the driver changing gears.

As you can see, Need for Speed No Limits for VR 360 will allow players to position themselves inside a vehicle and drive through the streets in races and police chases. In fact, as you have been able to see in the video itself, getting used to the driving system can be complicated, so you will have to learn to stop crashing into walls and obstacles.

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