Visme: what it is and how it works

Visme: what it is and how it works

By germana

When you decide to start any kind of online business, the graphic aspect is one of the key points for immediate growth. The visual imprint that you can convey influence, so much, what will be the reactions of the audience who does not know the brand. Beauty attracts and there is no doubt about this, and especially it offers an important competitive advantage in a market such as the digital one where competition is increasingly well-equipped. In fact, our brain reacts differently depending on the visual stimulus it receives and knowing how to condition it is a way to grab a good dose of favors in a simple and immediate way. Visme, the platform designed to take advantage of an attractive design in favor of the brand’s reputation growth, is based on projects with a strong visual impact. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s time to give some attention to what this tool is and how it could completely change the fate of your business.

The potential offered by Visme

More than a simple tool, we can consider Visme as a platform that at 360 consists of the graphic part of the project. The Visme is a platform that takes care of the graphic part of the project. Whether for work or training purposes and regardless of the type or size of activity, Visme is always able to offer the best. Many companies have already chosen to rely on the platform, there are more than 12.3 million active users, and to focus on the graphic aspect to stand out in the market. From big names like Zurich, IBM or Penske to small local businesses, in any case with the certainty of being faced with a series of easy to use tools. But we do not think only of beginners since Visme is proposed as a real laboratory suitable not only for every purpose but also for the different skills of those who use it. A combination of skills and ease of use that allows anyone to give the best of themselves.

For the presentations

When you need to submit a project to new investors or for educational purposes, Visme responds present. The platform allows you to create projects of strong impact, making the experience more engaging than the usual standards that can be obtained. In particular, make use of charts and diagrams designed to draw attention and remain impressed in the mind of those who look at them. This is because it has been studied that people remember 55% more information when they see it presented in a graph than when they listen to it. In the case of Visme, the platform will automatically transform the data provided in attractive infographics and, at the same time, easily understandable to the public.

For social networks

Imposing a strong presence on social networks is nowadays a fundamental requirement for success. But from being active to offering engaging content, the distance is remarkable. This gap can be filled thanks to the preset modules proposed by Visme, designed to adapt contents to different social networks or communication apps. The principle behind everything is that of scroll-stopping, which consists in proposing advertising content that maintains the guidelines of the brand without being invasive and without interrupting the normal use of the social. Not only images but also videos and animations, able to involve the viewer more and more and to convey the message faster and with greater clarity. All this always being able to rely on an intuitive interface that allows anyone to create “works of art” to achieve in no time the objectives set.

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