What is Amazon Pay and how does it work?

What is Amazon Pay and how does it work?

By carolc

Virtual currencies have taken over our environment. More in these pandemic eras, where shopping online has become increasingly popular. There are many options on the table when choosing a payment method that is efficient, secure and reliable; and Amazon Pay is one of them.

Amazon has joined this method of paying and receiving others online for sure. As the online payment platform has done for many years: PayPal. Its procedure has been made easier since to finish a transaction, it will not be necessary to send data that compromises the customer’s security, such as your credit card details, verification codes etc. The platforms intended to make these payments are well protected and equipped for e-commerce spaces.

Amazon Pay

It’s just a tool used to generate online payments that’s associated with your Amazon account, which gives you the advantage of making your purchases securely on different websites around the world.

What you need is an Amazon account which you will use to sign in which will allow you to make the payment immediately, if the website is associated with the service.

What is the purpose of Amazon Pay?

Through this platform, you can make purchases with your Amazon account. When the buyer is interested in a product, it will not be necessary to insert their bank details at the time of trading, as their account will be tied to the funds that they have consolidated on the platform.

For those who sell things through the Amazon platform, it’s an effective and secure way to receive your money. Either by transfer to your bank account or perhaps with Amazon gift products, such as gift cards.

Amazon Pay offers its customers new payment methods that don’t require or demand a lot of information from your bank details or the filling out of complex forms. This is because of the insecurity of users when using their payment methods, often for unrecognized charges and the high amounts of commissions to which they are not accustomed.

Having this payment method in your online business, you will guarantee more customers willing to buy you and perform operations with you. The fact that you can offer security and comfort to your customers makes it more attractive for your future purchases in your online business.

The platform for making payments or collections through Amazon, are protected by cyberattacks, as they have SSL certificates.

How Amazon Pay works

Withdrawal is always available on Amazon Pay once they become available; this takes several days for a particular bank to make that transaction. Shipping and payment information is securely stored in your Amazon Pay account, making it easy to access that information to pay for your services.

You don’t need to have multiple accounts. Just signing in to Amazon will give you the option to use your Amazon Pay account, reducing the need to enter your financial information or other personal data.

There are many e-commerce platforms that have adopted this payment method, such as Magento , Shopify, Prestashop and WooCommerce. All of this use a specific plugging to enable this payment system and it is very easy to install and use, which gives more options to customers of online stores.

To be clear, payment methods in Amazon Pay are always made through Amazon, so you need to have a registration and have a means of payment. Once you have everything set up, you can use it in online retailers where they have Amazon Pay payment enabled, which can be used through your computer, smartphone, even Alexa can make payments using voice commands.