How to Check out with PayPal on Amazon

How to Check out with PayPal on Amazon

By Alex Balaniuc

PayPal is the go-to choice for many people when it comes to receiving and sending money safely and immediately all around the globe. Many companies choose PayPal for their transactions thanks to the service’s guaranteed high safety.

PayPal acts as a middleman for payments between two parties with registered accounts. Sending payments to an individual or retailer without sharing personal details or banking information with PayPal is both fast and easy. All you need to know is the email address of the person you’re sending money to.

PayPal payments are accepted by many companies and online shopping platforms, but is Amazon included on the list? Amazon does not directly accept payments via PayPal, but there are ways in which you can use your PayPal account to shop on Amazon no problem. Let’s dive into the article to find out what these are.

PayPal Cash Card


To get a PayPal Cash Card, first you’ll need to create a personal account on PayPal’s website. What can you do with a PayPal Cash Card, and how can you use it on Amazon? Well, it allows you to:

  • access money with your U.S. account instantly
  • use your funds in PayPal to make purchases in stores or online anywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • withdraw money from your PayPal Cash Plus account or check your PayPal Cash Plus balance at MoneyPass ATMs nationwide for free – no fees charged
  • withdraw money from your PayPal Cash Plus account at ATMs worldwide. A $2.50 fee will apply at ATMs that are not clearly marked MoneyPass ATMs
  • receive protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account
  • use your PayPal cash card to add cash to your account in tens of thousands of stores nationwide where cash reloading is supported
The second point explains how you can pay with your Card wherever Mastercard is accepted, meaning that it is possible to use on Amazon.

PayPal Business Debit Mastercard



Create a Business account on PayPal and you can request a PayPal Business Debit Mastercard. This debit card gives you fast access to your money in PayPal, but also allows you to:

  • make payments online or in-store – anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted
  • withdraw money at any ATM with a Mastercard/Cirrus/Maestro mark
  • earn 1% Cash Back on eligible purchases if you sign up for Cash Back
  • receive protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account with the Mastercard Zero Liability Policy

As for the PayPal Cash Card, with the PayPal BDM you can make payments on Amazon, since the website accepts Mastercard.

PayPal Key



PayPal Key is a virtual card and a new way to use your PayPal account anywhere cards are accepted online.

Similarly to the PayPal CC and the PayPal BDM, PayPal Key can be used like a card at any online merchant that accepts Mastercard – even those that don’t have the PayPal button. Here’s how it works:

  • choose a payment method from your PayPal Wallet
  • receive a secure PayPal Key with its own virtual card number, expiration date and security code
  • save the PayPal Key to your browser for faster checkout or use it as you would any card online
  • take PayPal Key anywhere you shop online

PayPal Key is not a credit card, so there’s no lengthy application or credit check. Plus, you won’t pay any set-up or usage fees.