What is the WhatsApp “cheat mode” and how it works

What is the WhatsApp “cheat mode” and how it works

By eduardogaitancortez

Unfairly, WhatsApp’s “cheat mode” in recent operating systems is the choice to duplicate apps. Thus, many people manage their networks or messaging apps better.




WhatsApp is the default application for millions of individuals. If you don’t have WhatsApp, you’re not connected, even if you’re a free user who uses Telegram or Signal. WhatsApp is everything to the vast majority of people on the planet Earth.

For this reason, today we are going to describe how we have the possibility of having 2 WhatsApp applications on the phone for those who want to manage their chats with friends, family or work in a different way.

The mode we are talking about is known as WhatsApp Unfaithful Mode, because it is used by those who must hide certain conversations from their partners or trusted people. However, do not let the name lie to you, there are several reasons to use this effective way.

At first the functionality is not designed for this. If not, this tool has been created to make a replica of the WhatsApp application, which can be done with the same phone number. In addition, the client can resort to this trick in order to plan a surprise celebration, exemplifying.

The unfaithful mode of WhatsApp allows you to chat, send photos or use the application without your partner noticing. It should be noted that the unfaithful mode is not a feature designed by the famous messaging application to help individuals hide their lovers.


The cheat mode


The original name of the unfaithful mode is WhatsApp Dual, whose primary purpose is to offer a solution to those users who have 2 phone numbers and want to use WhatsApp on the same smartphone. However, WhatsApp users found a totally new utility for the Dual functionality and named it “cheat mode”. Because it allows you to hide conversations, photos and video clips without deleting them.

Moreover, in case your partner tries to verify your smartphone, he or she will not be able to find the chats you have hidden in this mode of WhatsApp. The mode trick is based on producing a replica of WhatsApp on your smartphone. So that you can open an account with another phone number.

When you open your WhatsApp account in unfaithful mode you will have the possibility to modify your profile photo, name, choose your contacts and the chats that you want to appear. What you have in the WhatsApp replica will not be able to be seen from the original app.

This instrument also serves to hide private or confidential conversations, which is quite effective if a plan must be kept secret, giving examples. If you’re an Apple engineer, take note of what appeals to you. Activate the unfaithful mode of WhatsApp on your mobile Go to the Advanced Features of your smartphone.

It is usually in the general possibilities of the phone. It works on iOS and Android. Turn on the option of Dual Apps or Dual Messaging. Find the WhatsApp application and activate it. Now you have 2 accounts of the same application.




You can now have 2 WhatsApp, with the conversations that interest you and those that don’t. The unfaithful mode is not only available for WhatsApp but also for Telegram, Messenger and Facebook.

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