Storage For Friends on Instagram: How to use it – the complete guide

Storage For Friends on Instagram: How to use it – the complete guide

By eduardogaitancortez

We spend many hours on social media, perhaps disregarding collaborative collections. Instagram is one of the social media outlets that still maintains a reputation. In this we have the possibility to see photos and video clips of both the profiles we follow and all those who maintain a public profile. We have the chance to find content of almost any type, which also indicates if we are fascinated, react with emojis and comments, also sharing and saving. We now also have the choice to do so by building shared collections with other users.

Create collaborative collections shared with friends

The social network has become a constant source of information in its own right, its content is extremely varied, we have the possibility of discovering tips on shopping, restaurants, tutorials for anything, from beauty, cleaning or cooking tricks. As well as a step-by-step recipe book to carry out all kinds of meals. Most interestingly, moreover, we not only have the ability to view them, but also to share them with other users and save them, so they are always at hand.

Until now, when you noticed a post that you found interesting, you would click on the save option. So it was automatically saved in our collections. These were private in nature and if we wanted to share them with other users we used the share option. Something has changed with the latest update of the app. Instagram gives itself the ability to keep publications while sharing them with other users. With collaborative collections, any member will be able to share any content they found interesting in the chat so that it is saved and made available to all members.

New features for instagram

Creating these collaborative collections is relatively simple.

  • As with any publication you want to save, click on the save icon.
  • Next, create a new collection.
  • Select whether you want to save it privately or generate a shared collection.
  • Scroll to the button next to “collaborative” to allow selected friends to add content to it.
  • Add friends to help the collection by selecting the button next to all their names.
  • Choose as many profiles as you would like to collaborate with you. Once you have identified all of them, name the collection and press Save.

Your friends will receive a notification that you’ve added a Collaborative Collection to them. From now on, each of them will be able to add or remove publications from those shared, thereby also increasing the algorithm. In addition to saving our usual interests, it becomes an immediate and easy way to simultaneously share with all our friends who like these publications.


There is no need to copy the link and send it through the same application or through other applications. We have the ability to produce each of the collections we deem appropriate, either by theme or interest. In addition to increasing content, it makes it possible to manage them, in the same way that once the collection originates, we have the power to integrate or remove its members.

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