What to Watch on Prime Video In April 2023

What to Watch on Prime Video In April 2023

By eduardogaitancortez

In April Prime Video Clip premieres the series Citadel, Dead Ringers, Greek Salad, the fifth season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the documentary Judy Blume Forever, the film On a Wing and a Prayer, the third season of On a Journey with the Derbez, the final season of the Las Cumbres boarding school, among other news.

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On a Wing and a Prayer

Release date: April 7th. In this extraordinary true story of faith and survival, On a Wing and a Prayer follows the harrowing journey of passenger Doug White (Dennis Quaid) to safely land a plane and rescue his entire family from insurmountable risk, after that its pilot dies unexpectedly in mid-flight.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, 5

Release date: April 14th. In the fifth and final season, Midge is closer than ever to the triumph she’s ever dreamed of, only to find that closer than ever is still a long way off.

Queens on the Run

Release date: April 14th. Queens on the Run follows 10 Brazilian drag performers from across the territory in a competition for the title of “Supreme Drag” as it travels through Brazil’s metropolises in an extravagantly decorated bus. Xuxa Meneghel, the most successful entertainer on Brazilian television, and Ikaro Kadoshi, one of Brazil’s most respected drag queens, are the hosts. In the show, competitors battle against different challenges inspired by the cultural traditions of each city through which the bus passes. The contest also has a jury made up of the presenters and special guests. Finally of each episode, one of the queens is eliminated until the finalists remain.

Greek Salad

Release date: April 14th. Tom, 26, and his sister Mia, 22, are the children of Xavier and Wendy. After their grandfather passes away, they inherit a property in Athens. Tom, a teenage businessman based in New York, joins his sister in Greece to run the family farm. He finds out that Mia, who is posing as an Erasmus student, is actually a rebel activist who lies to the entire family. However, her differences in criticism and lifestyle will make the distribution of the inheritance quite difficult.

They will find themselves (like their parents 25 years before) living with teenagers from all over Europe. It is this collective life that in the end will help them get closer. Greek Salad will bring relief to European adolescence and the experiences and inconveniences they are currently facing. Prime members will get front row seats to the drama, sentiment, love, and discovery of our very own 2 heroes and their friends, in this sweet yet sharp coming-of-age story for our own times.

Judy Blume Forever

Release date: April 21st. The extreme honesty of pioneering creator Judy Blume’s books has changed the way millions of young readers understood themselves, their sexuality and what it meant to grow up, yet she also fought critical battles against book bans and censorship.

Dead Ringers

Release date: April 21st. An updated version of David Cronenberg’s 1988 thriller starring Jeremy Irons, Dead Ringers will star Rachel Weisz in the lead double role of Elliot and Beverly Mantle, twins who share everything: drugs, lovers, and unspeakable love. to do what is paramount – including exceeding the benchmarks of medical ethics – in an effort to challenge outdated practices and bring women’s healthcare to the forefront. The cast of the series includes Britne Oldford as Genevieve, Poppy Liu as Greta, Michael Chernus as Tom, Jennifer Ehle as Rebecca, and Emily Meade as Susan.

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