Your money will disappear if the Bluetooth is on

Your money will disappear if the Bluetooth is on

By dayannastefanny

A few years ago, Bluetooth was widely used in low-range cell phones to transfer music, videos, and images using wireless networks, after the smartphone came out it was no longer important since all this information is downloaded using the internet, social networks, and applications in the play store, app store or iTunes store, but it became important again since new technological devices like smartwatches and wireless headphones came out since both need Bluetooth to work properly.

What recommendations and dangers should you be aware of if you have your Bluetooth turned on?

Now that many of these technological innovations require Bluetooth, it is very common to leave it on and when Bluetooth is enabled on a device, it is constantly open and waiting for possible connections, but we don’t realize the dangers BlueBorne has implications for the billions of Bluetooth-equipped Internet of Things devices in the world, including smart TVs, speakers and even smart light bulbs that affect technology devices

It is important that everyone turn off their Bluetooth when they are not using them to prevent them from being stolen, since a Tesla was stolen by just being connected to a wireless network and all kinds of software. Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS have been vulnerable, as well as growth in technology also many people do evil and seek different ways just to harm others.

Apple apps have also been affected by the blue borne since 2016 for this reason Windows is working on a patch on smartphones and PCs, securing data and protecting them, although it may take a few years to release them to the market after the different problems were revealed the different operating systems have begun to make patches to protect themselves, apart from closing this wireless network it is important that you also download a good antivirus, keep in mind that not always these antiviruses are safe on many occasions also help to steal formation much more personal and would end up doing other evil, so before downloading it make sure it works well, is safe and prevents you from being attacked by a Blueborne.

Another way to make sure to protect yourself is on different modern technological devices such as cell phones, if possible, computers or televisions can request a confirmation code when someone tries to connect to your device via Bluetooth, it is also advisable to use the hidden mode in the case of browsing Chrome if used from the computer even from the cell phone.

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