Zoom now wants to expand its name

Zoom now wants to expand its name

By dayannastefanny

What is Zoom One?

In case you don’t know what Zoom One is, Zoom One is an online platform that combines team chat, phone, whiteboard, meetings, and more into a single solution to help ensure communication and collaboration, along with its other tools: Meetings, Phone, and Board.

New expansions Zoom wants to make

Zoom takes the initiative and directs all its capabilities and energies to create a new type of service for its customers, email, and calendar. This new feature was unveiled at its annual Zoomtopia event and is available in beta version, they will be similar to Outlook, but with technical improvements. As of now, they are included in Zoom One’s integrated interface.

The arrival of Zoom Mail and Calendar means that Microsoft 365 and Slack are starting to see the market shrink and competition get tougher. The email and calendar website now has an “” domain, and Zoom One Business plan customers will be able to create their own custom domain. Zoom’s calendars make it easy to start meetings, without the need for contacts or to see who is already in the room. It will also allow you to edit completed hangouts and view the recording link without waiting for staff to finish downloading and sending the group manually.

Zoom began to take root in users’ day-to-day lives in the wake of this epidemic. Pajama meetings and outings from home became commonplace during the confinement. Happy days were held from the bar to each student’s room, and meetings were held among family and friends with cell phones or computers in hand. In 2020 it became, due to the pandemic, the most downloaded mobile application worldwide with 477 million downloads.

When Zoom Team Chat burst onto the market, Slack and Microsoft Teams began to see their territory invaded, but now the problem for them is growing as the company incorporates video, instant chat, and email services to make work more efficient. Zoom allows companies to choose their email service or host it for them if they lack an IT department.

Where does that leave Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace?

Meetings were still being done by Zoom, and that was something the competition knew, but by incorporating these email and calendar services, providing maintenance security for companies.

Now it incorporates two new tools:

Zoom Spots

It will be available from early 2023. It generates seamless work interactions by keeping cameras on in a virtual co-working space.

Zoom Virtual Agent

By means of Artificial Intelligence, this new chatbot model is created to solve customer problems and reduce the volume of calls received by human agents in companies.

Other expansions

Accessed September 10, 2012. It is a video communication program developed by Zoom Video Comunicación, which can provide video communication services to 100 users at the same time and for 40 minutes, and some participants have a payment plan.


It is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and Chrome, with a simple, intuitive, and very easy to use interface. With Zoom, you can conduct one-on-one meetings, group video conferences, and record or record meetings. You can even choose a specific background to add to the user’s background.