Tips for video conferencing online

Tips for video conferencing online

By carolc

Video Conference never has been as important as it is nowadays. The Pandemic has changed lots of things in our daily lives. But, especially in the field of business, it has brought a few changes. Hence, there are an outstanding amount of employees that happen to be working from home.

The magic of video conferencing technology has made it possible for many people to connect virtually to each other and get their work done. In the midst of this pandemic, several apps have emerged to give us a hand and make the isolation of this quarantine less sad.

The most popular of these apps is Zoom. Though, there are other video conferencing apps like Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. However, none of the previously mentioned apps make miracles.

Whether you are a teacher, a tv host, or a coach. There are a lot of complications that await any home-based worker and video conference amateur.

In this article we are going to teach you how to deal with regular video conferencing issues, to stand out from the rest. The following tips and tricks make your video conferences look more professional to your clients, colleagues, and bosses.

Tips for video conferencing online

Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Recording and reviewing your video conferences

Recording and reviewing your video conferences can be helpful. Getting external feedback helps you to improve details that you would have never noticed from your perspective

There are errors that you cannot spot in your home-office or room at the moment of the meeting, like your image being too dark or noises coming from your room. So, to notice these distractions, you can record the whole meeting and when finished you can watch it. Therefore, you will spot things that you can improve for the next video conference.

Before recording the meeting, make sure to notify all the participants. The pro version of Zoom and Google Meets both offer you the option to record the conversation within the browser-based apps. Though, if you have an app that doesn’t allow you to record your screen and audio, you can download QuickTime for iMac or OBS for Windows.

Dressing Appropriately

Yes, this might sound a little bit clichè. But, there are tons of videos on the internet of people having work meetings dressing inappropriate clothes where the camera can’t see and then they get up (yes, embarrassing). This can be comfortable, but you never know when you have to get up.

As in those situations, no one wants a knock on the door, the phone ringing on the other side of the room, or any inopportune thing that will get you up from the chair and let your tighty whities be seen accidentally by your business partners.

Dressing appropriately for the situation can make you perform better at your meeting instead of wearing your sweat clothes, as well as having a tidy workstation can help you to put your head in the right flow for work.

Using graphics, transitions, and overlays

If your main goal while a video conference is drawing attention to yourself by either entertaining or informing your audience, in that case, you try by treating your video show as a live show.

Logo overlays, lower thirds, and infographics can be a good way to add more information and sense to what you’re saying. Moreover, you can integrate Transitions, animated flairs, and the second camera angles to add entertainment value to your video conference. That will keep your audience paying attention.

Zoom and Facebook Messenger offer you the option to add some of these features. So, make sure to learn how to use your video conferencing software well, to get the most out of it.

Upgrading from a webcam to a video camera

If you are still using the built-in webcam camera on your old 2009 laptop, then why don’t you upgrade. You should have to lie somewhere with a more dedicated video camera. Or even a high-level professional camera that you can plug into your Laptop. And in case you don’t, you might as well be thinking of getting one.

As most of the laptops only have an HDMI out, you’ll have to find a way to capture your camera and make it act as the go-between. That way, you would enable your computer to recognize your camera as a webcam.

You can use the ATEM Mini or ATEM Mini pro from Blackmagic design. This device helps you to run an HDMI from your camera as a switcher, then connecting it to your computer.

You can also stream a professional camera, external audio equipment, or even use an external device and run a presentation.

Furthermore, you can add even more external cameras and devices and switch between them.

Find a fine angle

Last but not least, we suggest you frame your camera from an angle that feels natural and allows you to look at the camera. Sit at eye level on the lens and position yourself correctly. Positioning yourself too high will make you look like you are on an awful tv broadcast

Try different angles, and if you followed the previous tip as well, you can try placing different external cameras to catch you from different positions. However, whether you have several or just one camera, always make sure and frame it before you start video conferencing.


In conclusion, having a workstation at home can be distressing. Each person who has moved from working out of their place and adapting to this way of working that we have been forced to is difficult. However, it is not impossible, furthermore, it is not a reason to decrease the quality of your work, and definitely, a poor video conference presentation could be a way to worsen your work. Be sure to follow the previous tips if you want to kill it at video conferencing. We all have had a bad video conference. However, even using what you have at the moment (whether you count with good equipment or just a laptop), you can still have a way to get the attention of your business coworkers, your chief, or any other participant in your meetings and really do a nice job.