Add a “Link in Bio” to your Instagram profile

Add a “Link in Bio” to your Instagram profile

By Valentina Tuta

Currently, the most effective way to increase traffic to your website or online store is through social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. As you may know, social platforms are great for increasing brand awareness, but when it comes time to make the sale, you need to guide them to your site, store, catalog, lookbook, menu, or gallery.

In addition, you need to give the customer a place where they can read your blog posts, collaborations, previews, reviews, podcasts, contests, virtual workshops, and it pays to connect your followers and potential customers on social media with different areas of activation or deeper engagement. 

Therefore, today we will talk about links in the bio and how to insert them into your platforms.

What is a Link in Bio?

You’ve probably seen that the phrase “link in bio” has been progressively on the rise and the reason for this is that interfaces like TikTok and Instagram only give you room for a valuable link in your profile bio to connect other parts of your online presence.

Therefore, you either need to rotate the featured link in your profile bio or you need tools designed to tie your online presence together and help you grow from any of your social profiles.

Whether it appears in your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or Facebook bio, your email signature or even just a text message, a link can help you create a single entry point into your brand universe.

  • Design your link in the biography
  • A link like this won’t do any good unless it connects to some sort of “switchboard” that can do all the redirecting. Recently, GoDaddy created the Link in Bio initiative with which you can design and publish a beautiful mobile home page for your brand, making your link in bio a one-stop destination for all your most important products, profiles, news, and content in just a couple of minutes.
  • So, with your link, you can:
    – Quickly and easily create a professional one-page site with customizable templates, fonts, and colors to match your brand.
    – Consolidate featured products, events, promotions, and other relevant content in order of importance, and link to different social media platforms to interact more with your audience.
    – Use GoDaddy Studio’s image and video creation tools to help promote your bio link to your audience. Your beautifully designed content can now generate more traffic more efficiently.

Why does your brand need a Link in Bio?

As a clever everyday entrepreneur, your online presence is most likely diversified across a few social and/or web platforms. However, adding different links on different channels or giving detailed instructions to followers on how to find your content doesn’t seem like the most eye-catching option.

That’s why you need to create a link that is suitable for all platforms where you want to advertise your brand, products, publications, projects, etc. A universal link that will logically redirect any customer exactly where they would like to go.

Why a Link in Bio, and not a Website?

Keep in mind that your bio link could be a key connector between your social channels and your website. A simple, mobile-friendly homepage with all your most important links in one place works essentially the same way as a website: as a crossroads of all the different avenues that make up your online presence. But it’s much simpler.

Additionally, having a link in your bio is much faster than sitting down to designing a website and requires no design or website creation skills. On the other hand, websites can take a while to navigate and find specific products or information, whereas a Link in Bio boils down to the most important information in one view. It is designed to quickly redirect your customers to exactly what they are looking for.

Can I customize my Link in Bio?

Of course, Because it is a feature that is activated within the GoDaddy Studio mobile app, you will have access to all the images, graphics, templates, and dream tools that Studio offers.

Which gives you in turn the opportunity to make your Link in Bio not only functional but also have incredible appeal by incorporating your brand’s logo, colors and images to make your Link in bio a beacon of your professional identity; something you can be proud of.

How it works: 

  • Choose your favorite Link in Bio template. 
  • Personalize your template with your profile pic.  
  • Add your business name, logo and a description.  
  • Choose your brand colors.  
  • Select background images.  
  • Link to all your social profiles and web platforms.  
  • Create a free subdomain, and publish. 

How do I activate and create my free Link in Bio?

As we mentioned before, Link in Bio is a feature within the GoDaddy Studio app on iOS and Android, so to get started you’ll need to download the app and create an account (if you don’t already have one). Once logged in, follow these instructions: 

  1. In the main navigation bar (bottom of screen), tap Link in Bio. 
  2. Tap Create a free site. 
  3. Tap the template you want to start with. 
  4. Customize your Link in Bio. You can:
    – Upload and add your own images, or choose images from our libraries.
    – Change the background color.
    – Change the text.
    – Change the font color. You won’t be able to change the font type or size yet, but look out for this in future versions of the app.
  5. Add your social media and other links. You can add up to 12 social media profiles, and as many other links as you like. 
  6. When you’re happy with your Link in Bio, tap the Publish icon in the top right corner. 
  7. Choose a unique link, by typing in your custom URL name within the domain 
  8. Tap Continue. If the link you’ve chosen is already being used, we’ll let you know and you’ll need to choose a different link.

Finally, don’t forget that to save every change you make, you must tap the check icon in the upper right corner Your site will be immediately published, so you can view it or share it through your social networks; copy your link and paste it into your social networking bio manually; or tap Done if you are not ready to share it yet.

What do I do once I’ve created and published my Link in Bio?

You can add your unique link in the bio to anywhere you are active online. Some logical starting points would be in all your social media bios, on your website, or in your email signature. You can also send it to someone via text message or WhatsApp. That way, anyone who taps the link can easily learn more about you and explore your latest content.

Who has access to a Link in Bio?

As we said previously, anyone who has the link or sees it on the network has it. In fact, the new Link in Bio feature is available to all GoDaddy Studio users in all markets.

Also, if you are an existing user and want access to a larger selection of templates, images, and other content to customize your site, you can upgrade your subscription to GoDaddy Studio Pro.

Finally, if you don’t already have the GoDaddy Studio app , you can download a free version right now on iOS or Android. For existing GoDaddy Websites + Marketing users, GoDaddy Studio + Link in Bio is included with all free and paid subscriptions.

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