Add a Phone Number to your WordPress Website

Add a Phone Number to your WordPress Website

By Alex Balaniuc

One day you visit a WordPress website – more specifically, a business one – and you gain a lot of interest in what the company has to offer. Therefore, you’ll probably want to get in touch with a representative or an employee of said business to get more information about the service or product that caught your attention.


As a client, it is most likely that you would want an answer right away, instead of having to wait around for the company to get back at you via email. So, as the business owner, put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and consider adding a “Call Now” feature to your website.

Why you should make your business phone number clickable

Making your company’s phone number clickable is the wisest decision to make if you work closely with people, because – as we mentioned – it is more efficient than writing an email.

Although this feature allows you to only intercept customers that navigate the Web with a mobile device, implementing it is worth it for sure, since not many people have access to a computer throughout the day.

Adding a phone number to your website will therefore improve your chances of monetary gain, because customers usually prefer a fast, straight to the point approach.

Where to insert the clickable phone number feature

First of all, where to place your clickable phone number: it must appear on the Contact section of your website, alongside your company’s email addresses and other contact info.

How to add a clickable phone number to a WordPress page

The easiest solution is to add a hypertext link to the phone number. In this way, you’ll turn a specific element into a link. But instead of directing the user to a different page, a call will be placed in the same moment the link is clicked on.

The protocol we’re going to use is “tel“, introduced with HTML5. Here’s what you’ll have to write on your Post or Page on WordPress:

Use a plugin for a phone number button

If you prefer to add a button that follows along the scrolling motion of the user, use a plugin that enables a button for your phone number.

Call Now Button is the best plugin for your purpose. It creates a click-to-call button in every section of the website, meaning that the button always follows the user’s navigation. You can customize every feature of the button, including color and tracking system.


Quick Call Button is another good button plugin. It is very similar to the Call Now Button plugin, with customizable color and position. It can be disabled on desktop and tablet.

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