Here’s a few Tips on how you can Introduce Yourself to an Online Group

Here’s a few Tips on how you can Introduce Yourself to an Online Group

By Alex Balaniuc

You clicked on this article because you probably need direction about how you can leave the best impression on an online group of strangers you’re going to collaborate with. As for real life, a first impression can make or break your chances of getting acknowledged by other people, like it or not. So, we’d like to help you in getting your introduction right!

You recently joined, let’s say, a certain Facebook group because you find that getting involved in that online community will help you grow your business. Professional online groups have indeed become extremely relevant in the last few years. They are a great place for creating networks with other business owners like you and for fostering powerful, professional relationships. Plus, promoting your company on an online group will assist you in attracting new customers. Therefore, it’s worth it to give it a try.



But before you start dreaming big about these exciting prospects, you’ll have to introduce yourself first and foremost. Meeting people for the first time can be scary and stressful, even more so when there’s your company’s future and reputation on the line. Giving an effective, interesting and compelling introduction to yourself is of the utmost importance if you desire to initiate professional relationships with other people or win over clients.

Here are some tips for a good self-introduction

1) Talk a little about yourself



You want to be relatable and draw the other group members closer to you right from the start by showing your humanity. Share some info about yourself: where you came from, what your life journey was like before deciding to become an entrepreneur, what pushed you to finally take the big step and set up your own company.

2) Introduce your business



Give a quick rundown about how your business got started, maybe say who helped you with it and, more importantly, speak about what the company consists in, what it does, how it operates, how many people it employs, etc.

3) Say why you chose to join this community

It might be a good idea to talk about how you found out about this online group, and the reason for which you decided it was the best choice for your purpose. Maybe it was because the community is comprised of prominent figures with whom it’d be a pleasure to work with, or maybe because their interests and goals perfectly align with yours.

4) Highlight your strengths and capabilities



Is there anything valuable you have to offer? How could someone benefit from your services or your products? You’ll have to sound convincing when talking about your business’ assets. Persuade your audience by putting at the forefront all of the qualities, potential and the competence of your company. You could briefly present tangible data – such as past successes – to prove that your business is a force to be reckoned with.

5) Conclusion



Wrap up your introduction by expressing how honored you are to take part in such a professional community. Say that every kind of question the other members have you’ll gladly answer. Thank the group administrator for the chance they gave you by letting you in the group. Finally, say that you’re looking forward to connect with the other participants, and that your business is ready to help any client that asks for it.

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