Adobe Creative Cloud, a powerful set of design tools

Adobe Creative Cloud, a powerful set of design tools

By carolc

Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the most advanced tools to free your imagination and generate impressive designs, from wherever you are.

What is Creative Cloud?

Creative Cloud also known as CC, is a compendium of more than twenty desktop and mobile applications and services, to work with design, photos, videos, UX, web, among others.

It is a versatile and portable tool that includes a set of features and functions, making it a world of possibilities for designers, draftsmen and creatives.

What are the tools that CC includes?

Among the set of tools that Creative Cloud includes, we can mention the best known:

  • Photoshop: The ideal tool for editing, composing, and creating unique images and graphics. You can also create arts on your personal computer or on your mobile device.
  • InDesign: It is the perfect tool to design and publish professional designs for digital use or for printing.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: constitutes the working instrument provided by CC, for editing professional films and videos.
  • Illustrator: Ideal for you to produce stunning illustrations and vector art.
  • Adobe XD: allows you to design and prototype web designs. Create and share the best user experiences for mobile, web, voice and others.
  • Acrobat DC: gives you the complete PDF solution for the online and mobile world.

What can you do with CC?

All Creative Cloud tools are designed to provide you with the perfect setting for creating impactful visual products. With this collection of applications and services you can:

  • Create impressive images as you acquire and improve your knowledge of the art of photography.
  • Edit photos in an optimized way.
  • Design and create professional documents for digital and printed media.
  • Create and edit professional quality video, visual effects, audio, and animation.
  • Apply cinematographic visual effects, as well as motion graphics.
  • Create drawings, paintings, and illustrations for web, video, print, and mobile devices.
  • Produce engaging experiences for mobile, web, voice and more.
  • Create 3D characters and models.
  • You can create rich immersive experiences.
  • Record, edit and share videos from wherever you are.

Creative Cloud Services

The Adobe collection includes more than twenty applications that allow you to put your creativity into practice. These applications are mobile and desktop, including InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere Rush.

With Adobe Fonts, CC allows you access to thousands of font types for each of your projects. You can use these fonts from any of the Creative Cloud applications.

To allow you to share your work, CC includes the Behance social network. From there you can also view the work of other users.

With Creative Cloud Libraries you can store, explore and share files from your applications.

Another included service is Adobe Portfolio. Which allows you to create and configure your own portfolio website.

Also, CC gives you 100 GB of cloud storage, so you can share files and work collaboratively.

Advantages of Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud services and tools have the necessary functions for you to optimize your projects, and your work team performs in a synchronized manner regardless of the dimensions of the project.

Collaboration and coherence for your team

With CC you can streamline teamwork and the development of each project, with services that allow you to access application assets from all different workstations.

  • Creative Cloud Libraries: you can access and share assets from anywhere, using your personal computer or mobile devices.
  • Documents in the cloud: you can access, edit and save your work on all devices regardless of where you are.
  • Share for review: Directly from Adobe InDesign and XD you can share, receive and reply to comments without leaving the application.

Share, discover and learn

Share your work with the world, learn from other experts, and stay in touch with other designers. The world’s largest community of creators offers you this possibility through its tools.

  • Behance: the ideal social network for you to present and share your creations with the world. You can also view other people’s work.
  • Adobe Portfolio: design, create and configure your professional web space.
  • Adobe Live: View live broadcasts to fill yourself with inspiration and learn from specialists in the area.

Creative resources for your project

With the creative resources that Creative Cloud offers you, you can promote and develop any of your projects. You have used these resources, and start your imagination and ingenuity.

  • Adobe Color: Provides you with a vast range of bold colors to use in your project.
  • Adobe Fonts: a huge library of font types for your designs.
  • Adobe Stock: a set of millions of high-quality assets, which you can access from applications.
  • Library Packages: You can choose from a wide variety of premade libraries to inspire you and enhance your work.

Tool integration

To improve delivery times and help unleash the creativity of your work team, you can use the addition of functions, automation of tasks or connect Creative Cloud with your collaborative design tools.

  • Adobe Exchange: a space where you can find hundreds of applications to improve your interaction with Adobe products.
  • Adobe XD resources: you can customize your XD creations with the use of plugins, tools, applications and user interface kits, among other options.

Other aspects of Creative Cloud

Among the most outstanding aspects, you should know that in CC you can share and store any type of file. There are no restrictions in this regard.

As for the acquisition of the toolset, the Adobe team provides a free trial option for a period of seven days. And it offers various paid packages.

For students, the app collection offers a 60% discount on the standard fee the first year. The first year the payment by the students is US $ 19.99 each month, and US $ 29.99 monthly starting from the second year.

Creative Cloud’s standard price is $ 52.99.


Take full advantage of the potential of Creative Cloud, and create unique and impressive products.