How to use InDesign for digital and print publishing

How to use InDesign for digital and print publishing

By carolc

For the creation of pieces such as magazines, newspapers, brochures, flyers or ebooks, you can use InDesign. A tool that greatly facilitates the assembly of various elements, to obtain a professional creation.

What is InDesign?

It is a software for desktop computers that allows the creation of publication projects. The projects produced with this tool can be shared in digital or printed format.

InDesign is primarily used by professionals such as artists, graphic designers, editors, and marketing experts.

It is a product of Adobe Systems and can be purchased as an individual work tool, or as part of the toolkit for design, video, print communications, and marketing, called the Adobe Creative Cloud. In fact, it’s common to see the name “InDesign CC”, where “CC” refers to Creative Cloud.

InDesign CC is compatible with Mac OS or Windows computers.

How does InDesign work?

This software provides the functions and resources required to design and create visual products, which can be used for digital or printed media.

InDesign provides a simple and comprehensive way to create professional designs. It is very useful for projects with a certain number of pages, for designs that combine images and text, and for those that include a considerable amount of text, such as books.

How to use InDesign?

With the Adobe’s program you can produce a wide variety of pieces such as magazines, posters, business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, stickers, newspapers, comics, among many others.

This is a tool that has become a common working tool for marketing and graphic design professionals.

The essence of this aplication is to provide the ideal space to perfectly combine the elements that will make up the final product. Illustrations or images are usually created using other tools, which are imported and assembled into InDesign, along with text and other elements.

You can use the software in combination with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications, such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

How to learn InDesign?

There are currently several options for learning how to use this tool. From the standard classroom classes, to distance or online classes. And for those who prefer to learn on their own, you can choose to purchase a book or tutorial.

The advantage of choosing the class options, whether online or live, is that you have other people to consult and solve any problem or question that may arise regarding the tool.

On the other hand, using a book or tutorial allows you to advance at your own pace and learn with priority those functions that interest you the most.

No matter which learning alternative you have selected, experience is your best teacher. Dare to experiment with the various functions and features that Adobe software offers you, and get to know every detail of this powerful work tool.

How much does InDesign cost?

The tool offers a seven-day free trial, long enough for you to validate if it provides you with everything you require.

On the other hand, to formally use Adobe InDesign CC you must pay a subscription, the cost of which varies according to the plan you choose.

  • You can decide on an individual subscription that only includes the use of InDesign, for a price of $ 19.99 per month if you subscribe for the whole year. This option also presents the single payment modality for a single month, whose cost is $ 29.99.
  • Another alternative is to select the Creative Cloud package, which includes InDesign and an additional set of 20 Adobe tools. If you subscribe for a full year, monthly fees are $ 49.99. In case of you subscribe for only one month, the corresponding payment is $ 74.99.

If you select the subscription option for InDesign only, you can access other Adobe resources for an additional payment. You could make use of the Adobe Stock image bank, or the Typekit fonts.

For students and teachers there are considerable discounts when subscribing to Creative Cloud or InDesign. These discounts apply if they attend one of the educational entities that are part of the agreement with Adobe. Payment is $ 19.99 per month, for one year. In this modality there is no alternative to annual payment.

InDesign file formats

The software supports a wide range of file formats that you can save or open. We mention these file formats.

File formats can open

  • indd InDesign document
  • InDesign indl library
  • indt InDesign Template
  • pmd Adobe PageMaker File
  • qxp QuarkXPress File

File formats can save

  • indd InDesign document
  • InDesign indl library
  • indt InDesign Template

File types you can export

  • xlf Adobe Flash CS4 Pro (only for Flash CS4 Pro)
  • Text txt
  • indt Adobe InDesign tagged text
  • pdf Portable Document Format
  • Encapsulated PostScript eps
  • incx InCopy CS3 Interchange
  • icml InCopy document CS4 only
  • Inx InDesign CS3 Interchange
  • idml InDesign markup language
  • jpg JPEG
  • rtf Rich Text Format
  • swf Flash (all versions)
  • text only txt

Graphics and text files that you can import

  • tiff Tagged image file format
  • gif Graphic exchange format
  • jpg, jpeg Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • bmp Bitmap
  • Encapsulated PostScript eps
  • desktop color separation dcs
  • pict image file format (Mac)
  • wmf MS Windows Metafile
  • emf MS Windows Enhanced Metafile
  • PC Paintbrush PCX file format
  • PNG Portable Network Graphic
  • scct Scitec CT
  • swf Flash
  • ai Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop psd
  • pdf Portable Document Format (CS3 and later also support multi-page PDF files)
  • indd InDesign document
  • txt text documents
  • doc, docx Microsoft Word document
  • xls, xlsx Microsoft Excel documents
  • rtf Rich Text Format

Other files you can import or export

  • The xml extensible markup language can be imported or exported
  • epub Open Publication Structure eBook (Export)
  • Html hypertext markup language (Export for Dreamweaver)
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