How to Use Photoshop Camera

How to Use Photoshop Camera

By carolc

Adobe has brought us its new camera app called Photoshop Camera. Its name it’s bit confusing, due to the misconception of usage of this app. Most think that is Photoshop, but it isn’t actually. This app offers you a system that resembles Instagram-style creative effects and automated editing tools for those who don’t want to fully dive into photo editing apps.

This app uses Adobe’s Sensei Tech, which helps to identify different pieces of a scene, automatically suggesting edits that you could achieve in other apps like Snapseed or Photoshop Express by dealing with sliders.

Photoshop Camera is not an app designed for photography traditionalists. On the contrary, It offers bold, heavy-handed effects that are suitable for social media sharing. Those who like to have more control over the editing of their photos will prefer Photoshop Express, Snapseed or Lightroom.

In this article, we are going to show you a list of tips we have gathered to help you master this new app by Adobe filled with a bunch of very elaborated filters.

What is Photoshop Camera?

Photoshop Camera is the new photo editing app by Adobe that enables you to capture, edit and share staggering photographs. This app lets you use powerful tools and effects to produce creative and natural editings. Additionally, this app uses facial and object recognition features to provide recommendations and automatically apply sophisticated and unique filters and complex adjustments to the image.

This new app takes your photos and adds them studio lighting effects and other different effects. Moreover, Photoshop Camera offers different lenses that are suitable for the real Photoshop’s uses, from editing portraits to creating graphic art.

How does it work?

Empowered with AI, Photoshop Camera uses facial recognition technology, which allows it to recognize the subject and the background in order to decide what to blur, what to highlight, and how to layer. Recognizing what’s in the image is the main feature of the app, but it also works with more technical tools.

How to use Photoshop Camera?

Download and organize your filters

You can find in this app that filters are called Lenses. You start only with a few of them. To add more lenses, tap on the bubble that says Lens Library.

These lenses are not filters exactly due to the automatic scene recognition feature and other masking processes that occur. However, the results this app delivers are similar to other editing apps or even the editing tools Instagram offer.

Once you have looked through the library, selected and downloaded your preferred lens, you can organize them in a sort of library where they will be stored.

Preserve your Image Quality

One of Photoshop Camera’s functions is that it compresses images to a file that’s lighter to 1MB, instead of retaining the original size.

However, you can still conserve a copy of the original photo in Photoshop Camera by selecting this option in Settings. In Preferences, make sure that Save Original to Camera Roll is switched on.

When you download an image from Photoshop Camera to your photo gallery, you’ll see the original slightly less compressed version of the photo.

Start simple

You might as well start in Photoshop Camera by using the minimum scenes or options.

Use an interesting background

Some of the Photoshop Camera’s lenses tend to blur most of the background, eliminating most of its details. However, there are other filters you can use that don’t erase your background and, additionally, add more interesting details to it.

Change the Weather

As we have mentioned earlier, one of the main features of this app is that it has subject recognition. This panorama recognition can make subtle tweaks to saturation and color, which let you swap out the heaven in your picture for something completely artificial.

This way, you can make your landscape photography look like heaven looks full of blue skies.

Import and edit existing photos

It is not mandatory to stick with Photoshop Camera built-in-camera, you can also edit existing photos from your phone’s gallery or even Raws stored in your Lightroom’s cloud.

To do the first, you have to tap on the photo preview icon. Once you have done this, you will be sent to something called PsC Studio, this is where all the shoots you have captured in-app are stored. To bring a photo from your camera’s Gallery, tap on Camera Roll.

Once you do this, Adobe�s Sensei Analysis of the scene will automatically suggest to you a bunch of lenses you can apply.

If you have an image in your Lighroom’s Library that you want to edit with Photoshop Camera’s lenses, just tap on the Lightroom icon in the top right corner of the AI Photos section.

Make manual adjustments

Some of the lenses that come with Photoshop Camera might not be to everyone’s tastes. In that way, if you are not completely happy with the automated results, you can tweak some of these tools or values to suit them until they look appealing for you.

Consequently, if you want to get more meticulous with your edits, Adobe offers you a link to the free Photoshop Express app in the editing section. You can see this option in the top bar with the PsX icon.


The new Photoshop Camera app impresses with its innumerable list of lenses that allows us to customize the look of your photos. This app does an excellent job when it is about auto-edits. Even the photos that have been previously tweaked in other apps, look better with Photoshop’s Camera magic wand effect applied. This new brilliant app opens you up a world of creative possibilities by allowing a great deal of lenses curated by artist to edit your photos. Or in case you want to get deeply into the way you can tweak its values to get the ideal editing you want.