All About Dragon Age

All About Dragon Age

By camilaforero

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is the next Dragon Age game, which will have a single player centric experience, and where the player goes into this amazing journey in the game. It is set in the country of Tevinter and has had numerous entries since its debut in 2009, so too, Dragon Age: Absolution is based on the very popular Dragon Age role-playing game series.

At the beginning of the year 2021, rumors were found that the video game franchise would be located in Tevinter, which is one of the oldest nations found in games and that gives a lot of sense to this new part of this new version. Also one of the novelties that can be found in this new part of the series is that it will have the appearance of new Dragon Age characters that will be presented to the fans, here we can find new characters such as elves, knights, red templars, wizards, Qunari, demons, among others that you can find in the new version.

Dragon Age: Absolution

The story begins with a plot that builds at the beginning when he is approached by Miriam to steal a magical ouroboros-shaped blood artifact known as the Circulum Infinitus, along with a group of wizards and warriors. But at some point things don’t look so good and the heist doesn’t go well, so she needs to put her heroic qualities to use in order to save herself.

The official plot for the show reads:

“When a heist against the most powerful man in Tevinter goes south, an elven mercenary named Miriam, voiced by Kimberly Brooks, is forced into a desperate fight for survival,” says an official comment about the program. It is also mentioned that he must face her past, “Now, to save herself and her friends, Miriam will have to confront the tragic past she’s spent a lifetime trying to escape.”

About the trailer: 

The series will be released on Netflix, where we can find a new trailer for Dragon Age: Absolution that reveals the cast of characters and the new characters as well. The release date is revealed in the trailer for the six episodes that the series will have, each lasting 30 minutes. In the trailer we can see Miriam, who is a mercenary and former slave of eleven years, who ends up moving away and isolating herself from everyone, her voice is played by Kimberly Brooks.

Cast and Characters

The cast of the series has a great variety, there are Matthew Mercer, Ashly Burch, Sumalee Montano, Phil Lamarr, Keston John, Josh Keaton and Zehra Fazal, as well as the voice of the protagonist who is played by Kimberly Brooks. Let’s see some descriptions of the characters published by Netflix:


This character is voiced by Kimberly Brooks, who is the protagonist and a pragmatic elven mercenary, who managed to find freedom from slavery while on Tevinter. However, at one point in her life in freedom, she is forced to face the country that destroyed her life, as well as to face the man who made her suffer for a large part of her life, she must also meet her past and thus form to take out his heroic spirit to be able to face these again.


This character is an experienced freedom fighter, voiced by Matthew Mercer, he is the one who leads the heroes of the story by following his sense of adventure, his very charming peculiar smile and a pair of daggers to fight for freedom.


Here we meet a bubbly Qunari wizard, this character is voiced by Ashly Burch, she loves explosions, and is a chatterbox with an open heart, using this to easily distract others and even destroy a building depending on the situation. in which you are, or she can also cure a hangover.


This character is voiced by Sumalee Montano, who is an idealistic mage hoping to rekindle her relationship with Miriam, but with a big secret, as she continues her relentless crusade against Tevinter, endangers both of them.


A character with a calm personality, voiced by Phil LaMarr, but still possesses unmatched determination, and when all seems lost due to the threat, he remains confident.


Voiced by Keston John, this character is the dwarf Lord of Fortune, cowardly enough to keep him alive, yet a natural fighter.


This character is voiced by Josh Keaton, born of privilege but filled with tragedy, intelligent and charismatic, who wants to create a better future for all of Tevinter and believes himself to be a good man in a bad world.


Voiced by Zehra Fazal, this character is dutiful and hardworking, ignoring what doesn’t meet her moral standards, but still unable to ignore Tevinter’s sins.

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