Amazon uses metrics for smarter tracking

Amazon uses metrics for smarter tracking

By dayannastefanny

Amazon is one of the shipping platforms that has been gradually growing for a few years now, so it is good that you continue to look for and offer ways to improve your sales and better analyze the data you receive from your seller.

What are the key ways to improve sales?
One of the ways that you should improve is sales to analyze your seller and use metrics (they are used to measure or track the performance of the business) and it is difficult to track them all because you do not know which ones are of major and minor importance, that is why it is good, that all the information is copied for Amazon sellers and it is good that this tracking is done regularly to grow the business.

Buy Box makes a featured offer placement and makes the first choice of price, is the first choice, what various sellers do is click add to cart and buy an offer from the buy box, the facility that this Buy Box has is to meet the seller’s performance and make the performance more important, so Amazon analyzes the data obtained by the products that are available to buyers and they rank a measure to customer service and improving performance will make sales reduce.

Why are Amazon metrics necessary?

Metrics directly impact the market of any company in this case Amazon, you can analyze the market and analyze the rate of orders, the entry, and reviews of products, in addition to improving the location in Buy Box and the classification of product search.

There are two types of metrics, which are:
Seller performance metrics: this measures the fulfillment of seller performance goals, cancellations, and whether it fulfills Amazon’s functions.

Business performance metrics: these are the ones that are formed by analytical data that are associated with the Amazon account.

What is the product ranking?

Although it is not known about the search algorithm that Amazon uses, it can be inferred that it uses certain things to reference search results, such as keywords, sales rates, performance history, prices, delivery time, and customer recompositing.
The position of the search results helps both the company and the customer to have a great impact and interact with the product, as the SEARCH ENGINE JOURNAL results say that customers do not go past the first page of the results.

What are the shortcomings of the orders?

There are three types of negative feedback:

  1. the first is the negative opinion of the customer, a claim, or a complaint can affect the company or the product, since the buyer will always seek to easily solve the problem in many cases a refund is requested and many know that this is a loss for the company because it must send more products and must pay for courier.
  2. The second is the warranty claim type a-z in many cases customers are often not sure and satisfied with the purchase for that reason they begin to ask for a refund of the total money.
  3. The third is the credit card chargeback because it was not authorized or the buyer did not like it.
    As you can see these problems are always solved with a full refund of your order.
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