Buy the Best Refurbished iPhone Models

Buy the Best Refurbished iPhone Models

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Apple always adds refurbished iPhone for sale to its website sometime after their original release. Because it has returned and repaired enough devices to handle them under full warranty. The company currently sells the iPhone 11, 12, and 13 in its refurbished hardware. Apple bundles them with Macs or iPads sold in the same condition. This is a good way to save money if you don’t want to buy older models.

Why the sudden surge in demand?

Apple was a little less bold than usual when it came to making the iPhone 13 Pro. Of course, it’s understandable that, according to analysts, sales of the standard model are higher than the Pro versions due to the added brand value, but this time Cupertino offered a real difference between the regular and standard variants.

Therefore, one can easily distinguish the Pro model from the Premium series. Something is waiting with the Model 14. Some analysts suggest that the iPhone 14 leaks did not attract enough attention. So users see the iPhone 13 Pro as a complete upgrade in the current market. Revealed a detail that we already knew quite well as an authorized retailer: the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are selling like hotcakes thanks to a power supply.

Apple’s inventory is not enough to supply the market due to increased demand for Pro models. The tech giant is using its leverage in a supply chain affected by the pandemic and chip shortages to procure at least 10 million new units for the next quarter.

Types of iPhones 13

Through Apple Refurbished, the manufacturer sells, among other things, devices that customers returned to the end customer or did not return for other reasons, such as repair or similar.

Now that Apple offered used iPhones in its store in February 2022, upgraded iPhone 13 models are now also available in the company’s store. When you buy, you get a used device from the store that has been repaired with original parts in case the phones ever need repair. The iPhones sold are thoroughly checked for functionality and cleaned like new ones.

Additionally, companies sell all branded smartphones with a new battery and a new case. Of course, each device comes with all accessories and all cables, but no chargers, because the manufacturer stopped selling them with the phones a long time ago.

Apple claims that, in most cases, refurbished devices are almost indistinguishable from new ones. All Apple-certified refurbished products are packaged in a new white box and shipped free of charge. Returns are also free of charge.

How do you sell refurbished phones?

Refurbished Apple products or all refurbished devices sold by Apple come with a new battery and outer casing and the company’s standard one-year warranty. Also, they are packaged in a new box and come with all original accessories and cables.

Refurbished iPhones were used as display models in stores or customers returned or traded them in. Apple notes that the supply of refurbished iPhones is limited, and availability is “guaranteed upon receipt of full payment.” Refurbished iPhones also come with free shipping and free returns. All refurbished iPhones qualify for Apple’s extended AppleCare coverage.

Considering that these iPhones come with the same Apple warranty as other products and that we are talking about discounts of 120-280 euros, we are looking at some attractive iPhones. Some iPhones that were launched just a year and four months ago are still very close to the current generation.

The refurbished part of the Apple Store is little known. It offers models returned to the original purchaser or in need of repair for sale at reduced prices. Apple checks the functionality of the iPhone and performs the necessary repairs, always replacing both the battery and the outer casing, and offers a one-year warranty. It also comes with the original manuals and accessories and comes in a brand-new white box.

What does Apple Certified Refurbished mean?

An Apple Certified Refurbished device is a product that has had a previous owner and has been fully refurbished to Apple’s quality standards by Apple technicians. This ensures that it meets the company’s performance requirements and that the device looks like new.

Products that have gone through Apple’s upgrade process come with a one-year warranty that allows you to return the product to the factory model for repair if necessary. In addition, you get a free exchange if any part of the product, or the product itself is defective. In addition, most refurbished Apple devices come with up to 90 days of free technical support.

These products also arrive in a white box with the Apple Certified Refurbished program logo on the front and the packaging will include the relevant documentation. As with all refurbished products, supply is usually tight, so it never hurts to keep an eye on the stock.

Apple is both the refurbisher and the seller, offering refurbished products in its online store or in-store. Price comparators like RefurbMe (that’s us!) are allowed to compare and publish these products to help the consumer. We could take as an example the refurbished iPhones sold by Apple on our platform and in real-time.

Returned an electronic device?

If you find a product that is marked as refurbished it means that it has been returned and has gone through an extensive process to refurbish it. This is very different from a second-hand device, which has no verification or warranty. There are several possible reasons.

  • Major or minor defect
  • Aesthetic or package damage
  • The buyer has changed his mind
  • It has been displayed in a store window.

Some of the processes that professionals will do to recondition a device are:

  • Perform thorough testing of the product and, if necessary, the necessary repairs to make it as good as the first day.
  • Restore the software and factory settings.
  • Perform a complete wipe of data, unnecessary software, and other information that has been added to the original product.
  • Repackage the item
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