Create a seller account on AliExpress

Create a seller account on AliExpress

By carolc

It’s been a while since the internet looked crazy, that the things that have been achieved by that time today were almost impossible, many financial markets saw it crazy to put their interests on the net and that that would not prosper, that they were wrong. Time and technology have shown us that opportunities are countless and that it has exceeded our expectation.

There are so many opportunities to create an online store to offer your products and services that you simply can’t make any excuse to make you see on the web or e-commerce.

Marketplaces are authentic markets where you can sell almost everything your business wants. AliExpress is a company that is based on this trend, is of Chinese origin and is one of the most used platforms worldwide such as Bussiness to Consumer (B2C). Here in the West it is considered the main means used to import products from China.

Alibaba Group founded this marketplace and is an experience gained directly from the creation years after ecommerce This marketplace brought with it a different proposal, since you do not need to buy large quantities as Alibaba does, which makes it accessible to anyone to purchase products by units.

Register as a seller on AliExpress

To start a registration as a seller on AliExpress, you need to start filling out a series of steps that we’ll explain below.

1. Entering data on the registration form

You must enter its registration page; you can use this AliExpress link, which will take you directly to it.

  • Start filling out the form
  • Choose language of your preference
  • Select the Country of Origin
  • Enter the seller’s email address
  • Enter an access key
  • Move the bar to the right for verification
  • Confirm that you accept the user conditions and then click “Continue”

2. Account verification

You must verify in your email account that you entered the registration and look for an email that was sent to you where a code will appear. You will proceed to copy this code and enter it on the AliExpress page, and then confirm its sending.

3. Complete your company information

On this page you must enter your company or business information. You must have at hand, your company registration, the tax identification number, depending on the country and must be completed if it is a company or is autonomous. After the information is uploaded, it takes up to 2 to 3 business days for them to respond to your request.

4. Tax Information

Once registration is continued, you must enter the tax information, which depending on the country selected has its different identification methods, such as a tax identification card depending on whether you are business or self-employed. Then attach the corresponding files and click next.

5. Legal representative

Filling in your legal representative is mandatory, where you must enter your full name, nationality, personal identification number, telephone number, email address, residence address and contact person. All beneficiaries of your company must be added. Then click “Submit”.

6. Wait for verification of your account

The moment AliExpress verifies the documentation you send for opening your account, you will be sent an email at the time you have the registration resolution.

7. Log in and open and set up your AliExpress store

When receiving confirmation, go to the AliExpress page and log in with the email and password you registered for your store. You can use this link to do this Aliexpress.

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