Create and get started with campaigns in the Mailchimp

Create and get started with campaigns in the Mailchimp

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Mailchimp has been conceived as a digital marketing platform that gives you the ability to send and share advertisements, emails and other types of messages to your audience.

These messages are called campaigns, and Mailchimp provides you with a set of functions so that you can design and create them, in a practical and effective way.

What types of campaigns can you create with Mailchimp?

The digital marketing platform offers its users ideal campaigns for all types of marketing or advertising. We describe the types of campaigns you can create with Mailchimp.

Email campaigns

These campaigns are divided into four types:

  • Normal: it is the most used and you can program it or send it immediately.
  • Plain Text: contains only plain text. It is the easiest option.
  • A / B tests: ideal for evaluating different versions of the same campaign, and determining which is the most effective.
  • Automated: these emails are sent when a condition is met, such as: a date, an event, a contact’s action, etc.

Advertising campaigns

The Mailchimp team can advise you on the purchase and execution of ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram.


It is a print campaign designed to deliver in the hands of the recipients.

Social media posts

It is the perfect option to strengthen your presence on social networks. You can automatically publish the campaign on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, once you send it by email.

Landing pages

Create a landing page to collect emails or to promote services and products.

Create a campaign in Mailchimp

The sequence of steps to follow to create your campaign in Mailchimp depends directly on the type of campaign you have decided to build.

Each of the types of campaigns that we describe above, has a series of steps, options and its own elements.

Design an email campaign

We will describe the sequence of steps to follow to create one of the most used campaign types in Mailchimp.

Select a template

The first step is to select a template from the “Content” section of the campaign builder. This template will be the starting point for your advertising. Mailchimp shows you certain template models, according to the plan you have on the platform.

Template Categories

  • Designs: covers basic and featured designs.
  • Themes: these are templates created by web design professionals.
  • Saved templates: are the templates stored by you, for future use.
  • Campaigns: consist of the campaigns that you have recently sent, or that you left in draft.
  • Code your own template: you can import the code to create a template from a ZIP or from a URL.

Add content

You can make use of content blocks to insert information in your campaign. Be it text, images, links to files, among others, you can add them with just drag and drop.

Edit, delete, duplicate or move the content blocks to get the campaign you want.

Includes text

You can write the text in the edit panel of the content block. You can also copy and paste it from a simple editor like TextWrangler or Notepad.

Apply the option “Light styles”

This function allows you to remove the formatting that has been included in the text from the editor that you used to copy and paste it.

Track your campaigns in Mailchimp

Once you have created and sent your campaign, you can follow it up through the Campaign Report.

In this report you will be able to view information of interest to you, such as the rate of clicks and reading of an email, the number of times a publication has been shared on social media, or the number of impressions of the ads.

On the other hand, if you connect your store to Mailchimp, you can also view the information regarding purchases.

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