Has the UK become the best place in Europe to invest in tech?

Has the UK become the best place in Europe to invest in tech?

By eduardogaitancortez

A new inquiry values ​​the United Kingdom’s tech industry at $1 trillion, making it the leading ecosystem on the European continent. This sector is now worth more than twice that of Germany ($467.2 billion) and 3 times that of France ($307.5 billion), according to a report by data distributor Dealroom. The United Kingdom also leads the nation as a whole in overall funding, unicorns, and numbers of start-up organizations.

“United Kingdom technology has remained resilient in the face of global challenges and we ended the year as one of the world’s top destinations for digital business. This is good news and reflects our pro-innovation approach to technology regulation, continued support for start-up organizations and ambition to advance the digital capabilities of individuals.”

digital minister Paul Scully said in a statement. Breeding unicorns Dealroom made the inquiry for the Digital Economy Council, which is part of the UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The analysis found that the fast-rising United Kingdom tech organizations raised almost a record 24 billion pounds (27.3 billion euros) through 2022, more than France and Germany combined.


Likewise, a total of 144 unicorns and 237 future corns have been developed in the territory, compared to 116 unicorns and 204 futurecorns in the same period last year. DCMS credited the sustained optimization of capacities, investment and growth by the expansion of the sector, which now employs 3 million individuals. The department also highlights the United Kingdom’s focus on standards and values. He highlighted the current proposals for the regulation of Artificial Intelligence, based on basic principles such as stability, transparency and equality.

DCMS claims to have taken a less centralized approach than the EU. Financial technology domain The United Kingdom becomes the third territory to reach the trillion dollar milestone, after China and the United States. A significant portion of this figure comes from the UK fintech, which dominates Dealroom’s list of top startup organizations. Equity investments in small deep tech companies in the Unified Kingdom are multiplied almost by 3 in the last 5 years, driven by an increase of operations that exceeded the American and the rest of the European continent.


Operations increase 78% in the Unified Kingdom, compared to 66% increase in the USA and 73% of the old set of nations, according to the British Business report UK government-owned Bank, which helps small businesses get into to the financing.. In each of the ways, the portion raised by the capital trade 2 investors were left well behind the United States, where the market is more mature, because the small British tech companies approximately made about 24 million pounds (US$ 33.8 million) after 6 rounds of financing. That’s less than one quarter of the average in North American organizations.

Technology investments helped total fundraising for small businesses will reach £8.8bn in the UK in the year past, the maximum degree from which the records began in 2011, details the analysis. Fundraising in the first quarter of this year also achieved a new major, as the organizations raised £4.5bn in investments.


“Investment levels vary greatly by area, however the thriving sector technology from the Unified Kingdom is still the most attractive for investors and represents 46% of the total investment in capital of the smallest organizations of the United Kingdom”, shows the British Business Bank in the file. Tech organizations continue to see valuations soar as that investors bet on the area, and the fundraising rounds of the British organizations have run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Robotics maker CMR Surgical Ltd. aims to raise well over $200 million in an operation that could increase its market cost to US$ 2 billion, people familiar with the matter said in April.

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