Holidays Deals for Nintendo Switch

Holidays Deals for Nintendo Switch

By camilaforero

In the holiday season, Nintendo Switch offers increase despite the fact that throughout the year there is a high demand for consoles, games, among other products, since for years Nintendo Switch products are favorites for holidays and gifts.

The offers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday are quite popular, even so, Nintendo Switch maintains promotions after these days and throughout the holiday season, some of the products that can be found among the popular promotions are games such as the digital version of the game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, or also a free 3-month Nintendo Switch Online individual membership that is included when you purchase the specific Nintendo Switch system package for approximately $299.99, as the price may vary and It is available while supplies last. To purchase its stocks


The games are part of the promotions that Nintendo Switch offers to give away at the holidays, whether for children or even adults who like to enjoy games, you can find a wide variety. Let’s see now some of the games that you can find on promotion during this season:

Splatoon 3:

You can find this game at an approximate price of $59.99. In the game you can have 4 vs 4 battles together with your family and friends, while playing as an Inkling, a squid-like character, you will be able to fight with special weapons and sub-weapons, as well as you can collect golden eggs and defend together with your playmates.

Nintendo Switch Sports: 

This game is priced at $39.99 digitally and $49.99 physically. In this game you can find sports like golf, football, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton and chambara which is a sword game. Using the Joy-Con controls you can have controlled movements, for example you can curve your bowling ball, add spin to a tennis shot, or even using the Leg Strap accessory you can kick the ball in Soccer.

Pokémon Scarlet:

This game is priced at $59.99 for the digital or physical game. In the game you can explore and be in an open world at your own pace, you can also traverse land, water and air riding a legendary shape-shifting Pokémon, you can play with Koraidon in Pokémon Scarlet and have as a partner Sprigatito, Fuecoco or Quaxly.

Pokémon Violet:

This game is the same as the previous Pokémon Scarlet game, it is also priced at $59.99 for the digital or physical game. In the game you can also use a form-changing Pokémon by choosing Miraidon in Pokémon Violet and have Sprigatito, Fuecoco or Quaxly as a partner just like in the other game.


Nintendo Switch – OLED Model White set: 

This console features a 7-inch OLED screen, also with a wide adjustable stand, a base with a wired LAN port; internal storage is 64GB. Other features of this console is that it has a much sharper contrast and a new screen with vivid colors, and also the audio is improved in portable and tabletop modes using the system speakers. Its price is around $449.99.

Nintendo Switch – Neon Blue + Neon Red Joy-Con: 

It’s much easier to play on the big screen TV or on the go, using the Nintendo Switch system. By connecting it to the TV you can play your games in HD, you can also play on a handheld using the Joy-Con controls, which work great for gaming. Its price is around $399.99.

Nintendo Switch Lite – Yellow: 

This console has more colors, for example, blue, gray, coral, and turquoise, however, only yellow color is available at the moment, its price is around $259.99. Its design is quite elegant and it is also fun for users, its Nintendo Switch Lite system gives it that elegant touch and the best thing is that you can use it on the go.

Other products and accessories

You can also find featured products to give away, with clothing, stuffed toys, among others that are Nintendo specials:

  • Mug Mushroom Kingdom Collection: Peach and Toads; Bowser & Baddies; Mario & Goomba Mug; Luigi & Koopa Mug.
  • Mega Mocchi Plush Super Mario: Red Mushroom; Spiny Shell; Banana.
  • Clothes: Decorative Sweater; Snowmen Beanie; Snowman Scarf.

You can also find products like Super Mario Legos, with many of the game’s settings and characters.

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