How many max participants can join Google Meet?

How many max participants can join Google Meet?

By carolc

In these pandemic times, many video conference platforms that have been sold to us. It has been a struggle among the big companies that want to promote their application. Some of these platforms are Google Meet, Skype, Zoom and others.

Based on a more professional and educational proposal, Google completely restructured its video chat app that is available to all its users. Google’s proposal with this platform is to have a button to start a video conference, without many complications. Since other software does not behave in this way, you have to leave one window to reach another and set multiple options to get a video call.

With this Google creates an environment all the options available when starting a video call. It also offers you the opportunity to schedule a meeting for later, where you will set the time and day when it will start, start it instantly, where you will choose at that moment the participants who will accompany you in the meeting. Or add it to Google calendar, so it can remind you or plan for a not too distant future.

What does Google Meet offer you?

Now that it’s Google Meet, it’s a video call app that was formerly called Hangouts Meet. With this app you can make group calls with audio and video, live streaming, share the screen and place subtitles in real time to the participants of your video call. Which until not long ago you needed a Google Suit account to be able to use it , but it is no longer necessary, because with an email account, you will be able to make use of it.

As of May 2020, users have the opportunity to use it by simply clicking on the video call link and logging in with their usual account. All the benefits they had in their version for professionals and educational, are available to the rest of the users.

Everyone can use the sharing, real-time capture, or extended view features in Google Meet.

How many max participants can join Google Meet?

Google Meet supports up to 100 participants in the same video call and can display 16 participants at the same time on the screen. This is because it is a G Suit Education Basic account. But if we talk about a G Suit Enterprice Essentials, Enterprise or Enterprise Eeducation account, you’ll have a maximum of 250 people per video conference. Now if you have a standard G Suit Essentials or Business account, the limit is 150 participants.

Features offered by Google Meet

  • Calendaring your meetings
  • Screen sharing
  • Real-time subtitles
  • Adaptive designable
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