How to activate VRR on PlayStation 5

How to activate VRR on PlayStation 5

By ariannaflamini

Thanks to the upcoming firmware update, the VRR is also coming to Playstation 5, Sony’s latest generation console. The release of the new firmware is expected soon, but in the meantime let’s find out the details on how to enable this feature.

Before we explain the activation of the VRR on Playstation 5, we must specify two basic requirements. Remember that to use this technology you need a TV or monitor that is compatible with HDMI 2.1 and supports VRR. Another necessary action is the installation of the latest firmware of the console, which serves precisely to unlock this feature. In case of your panel supporting VRR, it should automatically activate with compatible games.

How to activate VRR on PlayStation 5:

To enable the feature, access the settings menu by pressing the Triangle button on the PS5 home and select the gear icon in the upper right corner. Then scroll and find Screen and Video. Go to the Video Output section. On this screen you will find the VRR field, which must be set to Automatic to make it work with compatible games. Under this menu item there is also the option to activate the tick to enable VRR on games that are not supported. I invite you to deactivate this option if the titles are not compatible with the Variable Refresh Rate and if they show visual problems or of other kind.

What is VRR:

The VRR means Variable Refresh Rate and is a technology that takes advantage of a variable refresh rate. This implies that the update speed of the panel you are playing with is dynamically synchronized with that of the console. The activation minimizes some visual artifacts such as frame pacing and screen tearing. The final result allows you to enjoy greater fluidity of the images and have a sharper graphics and a reduced input lag, so that performance is superior in competitive titles.

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