How to Create a Campaign with TikTok Ads

How to Create a Campaign with TikTok Ads

By camilaforero

In order to start creating your ads on TikTok there are two ways to do it in TikTok Ads Manager, there is the simplified version and the personalized version. On the one hand we have the custom version, this version is designed mainly for experienced sellers, plus it has more options, such as creating an ad group or using a bid strategy.

However, if we think about small or medium-sized companies, definitely the simplified version is much easier to use, since it is not only simple, but no technical experience is needed actually, it is quite easy to handle. Therefore, we will see some steps for you to create your own TikTok ad using the simplified version. Please note that you must select the “Simplified mode” option on the first page when you begin the process to create your ad.

Make sure you have a business account

The first thing you have to verify is that your account is a commercial account, you can do this change for free and very easily. You must enter the Settings and Privacy, then Manage Account, and tap Switch to Business Account, in this way the change is completed and now your account is commercial.

In addition, with this account switch you can have access to analytics, which can tell you the best time to post in the app, and also other features, such as adding a link in your bio.

Turn on TikTok integration for your Shopify store

You can have on TikTok other options for automatic ad creation if you have an online store on Shopify, you can even have the option of a shopping tab on your TikTok profile, this option is available for some selected countries.

Open the TikTok Ads Manager

By entering you can log in with your TikTok business account, so you can control your ads through a different device, such as a desktop. The app is primarily designed to be used on mobile devices, but many times managing TikTok ads can be done from your desktop.

Set your advertising goal 

You can determine your goal or your objective among the four options that you find with the simplified way to create your ads. Let’s see what these options are:

Increase traffic:

You can use this first option to acquire new followers and buyers, what is expected is to get many more visits and that they manage to attract potential customers for your brand and your online business.

Drive community interaction:

If you want to have more presence on TikTok, this is the right goal option to choose.

Generate customer leads:

With this option you can obtain information from the viewers who see your ads, with a contact form you can see which viewers can be potential customers.

Get website conversions:

If you want to have more conversations and get closer to your customers on your website, this option is the right one.

Select your audience

You can have two options to choose the audience you want to see your ad, it can be “custom audience” for you to add your own parameters, for example, based on gender, age, languages and location, or it can be “automatic audience “, where TikTok will decide the audience.

Set your budget and schedule

The next step has to do with how long the ad will last on TikTok, you can select “no end date”, or stop the ad whenever you want. You can also set the daily budget, the minimum of $5 per day or $70 for life.

Create your ad

At this point you can upload a new video which will be the ad, or you can choose one of your videos that have already been uploaded to TikTok. You can also add a call-to-action button, such as “Shop Now”, and add a description.

You should also keep the following in mind:

  • Comply with the guidelines of the app.
  • Be authentic and that the video fits in the appearance of other TikToks.
  • If you’re not sure about the creation of the ad, you can explore the app to learn more about ads, videos, and how the app works.
  • You should not put text that can cover the titles in the video.


As soon as you press Submit the video of your ad will be sent to TikTok for review before it is published, once it is approved it will be published in the app.

Now you can start to update your ads on TikTok, you just need to follow the steps and create the best marketing strategy for your e-commerce

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