How To Delete the most used emojis from your iPhone

How To Delete the most used emojis from your iPhone

By dayannastefanny

Emoticons are a way to express emotions in an image that is easy to send, you can use it wherever you want, so you can say a lot without writing a word, and you can make your own and share them on social networking sites and so personalize them, like all programs on your device, they also take up space in the internal memory. That’s why you will eventually have to replace them so that your device won’t fail later. You can restore them in the following way.

Create a backup copy

Before restoring your WhatsApp emoji history, you must create a backup, you will have to do this to remove the data from the application, therefore, when you enter the correct information on the website, you will have your chats as you can. restore WhatsApp data because of the backup, if you restore your data, you no longer have emoji history, so do not worry, your work will remain the same, but with the difference that you have done it when you want it. just need. follow these steps:

  1. Enter from your device, this can be any iOS or Android system, you just need to have the application downloaded, when you are in the application you must press on the dots that you have at the top of your screen, this is in the form of a row.
  2. Here you will find several options, click on settings.
  3. Now you will enter again into a list, you must click on Chats.
  4. Then you will see everything related to your chats, you must go down until you find the backup option.
  5. When you see it, click on it, and wait for it to open.
  6. If you have already entered now, you only must press the save option. Now you must wait for all the data to be saved.
  7. Finally, your backup is installed, and you can find it whenever you need it, in the same folder it will tell you if you have a backup so you can save it again whenever you want so you don’t lose any data.

Delete the history of your emojis

  1. Go to the main menu of your device and enter the settings of your iOS phone. You can also access these settings from the notification bar of your phone.
  2. Now you must go to the option found in this list that says applications. You must scroll down until you find it.
  3. When you find it, press on them to follow the procedure and be able to delete the history of your emojis.
  4. Search among your applications the Google keyboard.
  5. When you find it, click on it.
  6. Press now on the storage of the application.
  7. Now you must press on the option to delete data and the cache.
  8. When doing this action all the data that your keyboard has including the history will be erased.

Delete data

When you erase the data on your device, all the information on it will be erased, including emoji history, and recovery mode with backup, and you can do this only if you set the data recovery option first. to use the new tool to delete this data from WhatsApp, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your device, the WhatsApp application must be downloaded beforehand.
  2. When you are on your device you must go to the settings of this, to do this go to your menu and place in the bucardo the name settings, this possesses a gear as a symbol.
  3. When you have the results you must press on the settings, here you will find a new menu, go to the application area.
  4. Now you must enter the applications and look for WhatsApp among them.
  5. When you have it located, click on it.
  6. Go to the storage space area and click on delete data.
  7. Wait for the deletion action to complete.


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