How to Duplicate WordPress Page or Post

How to Duplicate WordPress Page or Post

By IsraeliPanda

At the point when you are running a blog for some time, you may once in a while need to rapidly duplicate a post or page.

For example, a business page that as of now has a great deal of substance that you can reuse, or a more seasoned article that can be reached out as another article.

You could save the content of the post or page to another draft. In that scenario, this doesn’t duplicate your included picture, post settings, SEO settings, and other metadata.

Wouldn’t it be pleasant if there was a simpler method to consequently, copy a post or page with every one of its settings and substance?

With this methodology, you can simply alter a post and begin chipping away at it immediately.

We should perceive how to effectively and appropriately clone a WordPress post or page with simply a tick.

Upon initiation, you need to visit the Posts » All Posts page. You will see two new connections to clone or to make another draft.

Tapping on ‘Clone’ will essentially make a copy post and won’t open the copy post in the post editorial manager.

The ‘New Draft’ alternative will copy the post and open the copy form in the post proofreader, so you can begin dealing with it immediately.

You will likewise locate similar alternatives for pages also.

The copy post-module functions admirably. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need to utilize it primarily for refreshing old distributed posts, there is a superior method to do that.

On the off chance that you need to utilize it for different situations, for example, site overhaul, duplicating presentation pages, and so forth, at that point, this is the place where the module truly sparkles.

Redoing Duplicate Post Plugin Settings

The copy post-module works out of the crate and supports posts and pages naturally.

You can likewise tweak the module to empower uphold for custom post sorts, limit to client jobs and pick what to duplicate while making a copy.

We should investigate every one of these settings.

Enchanted to Settings » Duplicate Post page to make the module settings.

The settings page is isolated into three tabs.

The default choices should work for most sites. In any case, you can check things you need to duplicate and uncheck things that you would prefer not to be replicated.

Then, you need to proceed onward to the consents tab.

Naturally, the module permits manager and supervisor client parts to make copy posts.

It likewise empowers copy post component for posts and pages post sorts.

On the off chance that you are utilizing custom post sorts on your site, those post kinds will show up here. You can pick whether you need to empower the copy post element for those post sorts too.

Finally, click on the Display tab to pick where you need to show the clone post associations.

Remember to tap on the save changes catch to store your settings.

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