How to earn money with Google Maps

How to earn money with Google Maps

By carolc

Have you ever thought about leaving your nine to five job and start making an income from the warmth of your slippers at home? If the answer is: yes, I’ve thought of it, but I guess it is not that easy. I have two words for you: Google Maps. Yes, the same app that came by default in your brand new cellphone and that one you use to search for a new place in town to have dinner with your friends on Friday nights.

In this article, we are going to break down in a few steps on how to make money using Google Maps from your home and have a passive income.

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a mapping service developed by Google which has more than 10 million users in 2020. It offers you a way of navigating to a place in real-time and discovering local businesses and unfamiliar spots in your town.

It offers you GPS navigation and all the traffic and transit info you need to get to a place. Besides, it gives you street maps, satellite imagery, aerial photography, and a 360-degree panoramic view of neighborhoods where you can find new places to drink, eat, and go. Besides, this tool not only provides you with a list of must-try and top-trending places in your town but also reviews of stores, restaurants, and services and your own list of favorite places.

How do I make money using Google Maps?

This app not only gives you directions to new places, you can also make money on Google Maps. The following steps we are going to give you are a useful guide to make money online on this app on your own, at your place.

Browse your current location

Hit the button on the lower right corner which will show you your location in real-time. Your local area will be your main source of clients.

Add to Chrome the Facebook Pixel Helper extension

Type on Google:Google Web Store. Once you get to the site, type in the search bar: “Facebook pixel helper“. It is going to be the top result, so click on it. We are going to add this extension to our browser by clicking on the install button. This one is going to help us to “spy” web sites.

After you do this step, go back over to Google Maps and go back to your local city.

Search for local businesses

You are going to search for local businesses, but not any sort of businesses. Look for businesses in a certain field, for instance, Gyms, Barber Shops, or Dentists. In this case, we are going to look for dentists in your local area. After you have chosen the field you are going to work with, type on the search bar “Dentists space – your city and then the state. Once you hit the enter button, there are going to show up several red markers indicating the location of different businesses. Each one of these markers represents a potential client and a chance to make money.

Click on one marker and pick up a business

Click on one business, anyone on the map. As soon as you click on it, there is going to show up a window on the left side with all the information on this one. Generally, these businesses, have websites. If the chosen business has a website, click on the link. Before you follow the next step, you must be sure that you have installed the Facebook Pixel Helper extension to your Chrome.

Check out if the website drives traffic from Facebook

To detect if a website is driving traffic from Facebook by using Facebook Ads you are going to use Facebook Pixel Helper. Click on its icon in the upper right corner of your browser’s toolbar. If you click on the extension and it says that the website has no pixels, that means this company currently is not driving traffic from Facebook or not utilizing Facebook Ads.

Go back to maps and check for more companies in your local area

Go and look for more companies in your local area and make a list of businesses that do not have Facebook pixels on their websites. These websites that you have selected are going to be your potential clients. Once you have your list, move to the next step.

Choose one company and look for their contact information

Go to their website and look for their email address. Once you have done this step, now you must be thinking “It is okay, but I don’t know how to work with Facebook Ads“. Do not worry! Keep reading, in the next step we are going to tell you what you can do.

Find someone to manage the ads for you on

Go to and hire someone that can manage Facebook Ads for a small cost. There are plenty of people on Fiverr that are offering their services on Facebook Ads at affordable prices. Let’s say that you hire someone who can manage ads for 20$, and you are charging a client 200$ a month, that means that you have a 180$ profit. Or if you are getting started and you want to make clients, you can charge the company 120$ a month and in the end, you will receive 100$ in gains.

Contact them by email or Facebook

You can write to their address or, in case they have a Facebook page, you can send them a message, letting them know that you can manage their Facebook Advertising to double or quadruple the traffic to their web page, therefore they will have more customers. All of this for a small amount of money every month, whatever price you want to charge them, that is up to you.

Select your payment method

If you have a PayPal account, you can specify that you will only receive payments by PayPal. As well, you can also drive to their establishment and receive your payment in cash.



If you are consistent, follow the steps correctly, and put in enough effort, you will make a full or part-time income just from your home sitting in front of your laptop or PC.