How to earn money with Paypal

How to earn money with Paypal

By carolc

PayPal has become one of the most reliable and secure platforms for making transactions online. Thanks to its facilities and the advantages it offers its users, it is one of the most widely used means of payment and collection worldwide. In fact, it is accepted by countless shops, services, and people internationally. That is why earn money with PayPal is nowadays a good option.

In this publication, we will be discussing what options you can apply to earn money with PayPal.

PayPal Key features

Thanks to the practicality, ease, and globalization that it has, PayPal has become one of the best platforms for executing online transactions.

Manage various currencies

Regardless of the country in which the person with whom you will be executing your operations is located, PayPal allows you to collect or pay in different currencies. The platform is responsible for making the change automatically and transparent to both parties.

You can also receive the money in its currency of origin, and then make the change when you want. There are no limitations in this regard.

Using PayPal is free for private users

If you are a private user you should not pay anything to register or to receive the amount that has been transferred to you.

But you should keep in mind that in case you execute large operations, the platform may change your profile to “business”, and you will start paying commissions for the service.

Known and accepted worldwide

This is one of its main characteristics and advantages. The online operations portal is one of the most accepted and internationally recognized, so there are many services and web platforms that include it in their payment methods.

Earn money with Paypal through online jobs

Various online work platforms allow you to obtain your earnings through PayPal. This is one of how many people put their skills into practice, to obtain monetary benefits.

You can make your work or service available to others, using one of the remote work platforms mentioned below.


This platform specializes in designer work. It is ideal for specialists in website design, logos, etc. As part of his job as an intermediary, 99designs is left with a 5 or 15% commission for each project.


Fiverr is one of the best-known platforms. It allows you to offer a wide variety of services among which we can mention translations, audio transcripts, designs, drawing, redactions, web design, creation of sounds or audios, video, and wide etcetera. You can offer your work in Spanish, English, and the language of your choice.

Fiverr also keeps a commission, in this case, it is 20% for each job. To transfer your winnings from Fiverr to PayPal, you do not have to pay any fee.


Like Fiverr, in this job market, you can offer a wide variety of services. You can even offer more than one service. It is a website in Spanish that charges an average of 10% of your earnings.


It is another of the most popular freelance platforms. It is a page in English, and also has a wide range of possibilities in terms of jobs to offer. You can offer your skills as a designer, translator, app developer, editor, etc.

The commission charged by this website varies between 5 and 20 percent. This depends on the invoiced amount.


Also in Spanish,  you can offer a great number of services with Workana. Its rate for work performed is 20 percent.

Filling out surveys

Although it may seem like a somewhat slow option to make money with PayPal, it is an income that you could obtain without much effort. Several platforms offer you an income for answering surveys and that also allows you to obtain that income through PayPal. On average you could earn a dollar per hour.

These are some of the options that you could consult, in case you decide to work filling out surveys:

  • GreenPanthera: you must reach a minimum balance of $ 30 for you to withdraw your money.
  • LifePoints: in this, you must have accumulated a minimum of  5$ to transfer your balance to PayPal.
  • MarketAgent: you can mobilize your money when you reach a balance of $ 10.
  • SurveyLike: on this website, you must have a minimum of $ 10 to withdraw your payment.
  • SurveyPronto: also sets a minimum of $ 30 to collect.
  • Toluna: you must accumulate 145,000 points which translates to 35$ to withdraw your winnings.
  • Ysense: this is one of the best known in the field of survey web. Here your balance must be at least $ 10 to be able to collect.

Sell photographs and images

For those who have the ability to take good pictures, they can make considerable profits by selling them on platforms that are dedicated to acquiring and selling images. This also applies to designed images.

Among the web pages that allow you to carry out these types of transactions and obtain your payments through PayPal are:

  • 123rf
  • BigStock
  • Dreamstime
  • iStockPhoto
  • Fotolia
  • Shutterstock

You can visit some of these websites, and validate your alternatives.

Other options to make money with Paypal

These are other initiatives that you can implement to make profits through PayPal.

Sell pre-owned things

If you have things that you no longer require or that you haven’t used for a long time, you can take advantage of them and sell them. Of course, in the case of electronic devices or equipment, they must be in good condition and working.

You can sell them through eBay or Wallapop. In both cases, payment by PayPal is viable, with the difference that eBay offers you this payment option directly on its portal, and in the case of Wallapop, you must coordinate with the buyer directly to make payment to PayPal.

Rent a room

Renting rooms that are not in use is another way to make a profit. This alternative has become popular thanks to platforms such as Airbnb or Booking, which allow you to obtain your monetary benefits through PayPal.


These are all valid and very beneficial options, which can give you an interesting extra income.