How to create a digital portfolio?

How to create a digital portfolio?

By carolc

The digital age makes many things easier for us, including promoting our professional profile in a current, modern and very complete way, through a digital portfolio.

Digital portfolios allow you to increase the chances that you will be hired, thanks to the reach they have. You can include your digital portfolio or the link to it in the email that you will send to different companies. In this way you will provide an attractive option for them to get to know your work and experience.

What is a digital portfolio?

Also known as an eportfolio, a digital portfolio consists of the set of information that describes in an appropriate and detailed way, the profile and professional experience of a person. This kind of electronic curriculum, also allows to include examples of work or projects executed by the professional.

Each work sample must be in digital format so that it can be incorporated into the portfolio, and thus complement the basic data of the job profile.

This presentation tool was created to make it easier for professionals to show their work in a practical and simple way. No need to physically bring documents or materials to each interview. A digital portfolio is very useful for programmers, designers, architects, draftsmen, photographers, among many other professions.

Through an electronic portfolio, you can present the work you have developed throughout your career, and highlight your style or brand. You can make use of images, photographs, videos, audio and of course text, to highlight your work experience.

Tips for creating your ideal digital portfolio

To start, it is of great importance that you have a wide sample of the work, projects or products that you have carried out. And if possible, it would be very convenient for these to be identified with the creation date and other details. With this as input material, you can start with creating your portfolio for which we will share some tips.

Select your best works

At this point you must be objective and select the work that best represents your talent and experience. You must choose those projects that are more representative and that reveal your mastery of the area.

Discard those jobs that make you think if they are good or not, and opt for those that without a doubt make you feel like an expert. Another detail to keep in mind is that you should not overload your digital portfolio with too many work samples.

Uses excellent quality material

Whether you make use of images, videos or audio, make sure that each piece of these is of good quality. You should never make use of images with bad definition or pixelated. Also, you should avoid using videos or audio with low resolution and with problems to reproduce the sound.

Every digital piece that you incorporate in your eportfolio must transmit its content without any problem.

Describe your work

As you include samples of your products, you must accompany each one with the proper description. Indicate a concise overview of the project, when it was created, what was its purpose, and if you used a specific style or process.

With these data you can provide context to the sample, and highlight its most relevant features. Remember that you are creating a compendium of your projects, which will be seen by other people, who will surely like to understand and know important aspects of your work.

Project authorship

You should only incorporate into your digital portfolio those works that have been developed by you. It is extremely important that you are honest in all aspects.

In the event that any of your projects has been created in cooperation, you must indicate its co-authorship.

Remember to introduce yourself as a person

In your digital portfolio there is space for you to talk a little about yourself as a person. Let others know the traits that strengthen you and set you apart from the rest.

With a small but substantial biography it will be enough, so that your potential clients know you beyond your professional profile.

Practice honesty and humility in every detail of your profile.

Include your contact information

It is vital that you incorporate in detail and above all correct, all your contact information. It should be easy to locate you in case someone is interested in hiring you.

Detail your full name, your phone number (if there are several ones better) and your email.

You can also include the links corresponding to your accounts on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Including these options will add points to your profile, and can help you with promoting your work.

Constantly update your digital portfolio

As you create new projects, be sure to update your portfolio. You can also keep track of the evolution of new jobs during their development, this applies especially for those who are large or those who you consider to be attractive.

With an updated portfolio you can present your new creations and create greater possibilities for hiring.

Tools for creating digital portfolios

You can use any of the tools that we present below, to create your digital portfolio.


This is a website that specializes in promoting professionals and is completely free. Behance belongs to Adobe and is a network that has been constantly growing. Design projects, fashion, typography, game design, advertising, architecture, among many other categories are presented.


This website is designed to support students in their job search. Portfolium is associated with more than one hundred and fifty institutions and provides help to millions of students.


This is a very complete option designed to allow users to create a web page that presents their work, as well as information regarding their professional profile. Portoliobox is an excellent option to have a current, modern and unique presence in the web world.

The free version includes a website which design you can customize, the incorporation of fifty images, ten products and ten pages.

WordPress Portfolio

Although it is a platform for creating websites, it also offers the alternative of using it to build your digital portfolio. WordPress is an easy to use and very intuitive tool, so the manufacturing process of your web presence will be very simple.


This is a tool with a somewhat fun style, which adds color to your profile. Carbommade is also easy to use, you just have to register and start including all the information related to your work experience.

If you opt for the paid version you will be able to include more projects and you will have more customization options.


The facilities and benefits offered by a digital portfolio are various. If you want to project yourself in the world of work in the best way, create your electronic profile. You can use it independently or as a complement to combine it with your classic curriculum vitae.