How to sell on Facebook

How to sell on Facebook

By carolc

The world-famous social network Facebook has expanded its functions and features to provide greater facilities to its millions of users. Among these additional functions, we can find the buying and selling of products, which have been operating effectively for some years. These facilities are what allow you to make money on Facebook.

If you are a Facebook user and want to start selling and earning money from your home, you can make use of some or all of the tools that the social media giant makes available to you. An important point to note is that all these tools can be used for free.

In this article, we will be describing the different mechanisms that exist so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is the space where users of the platform can sell and buy new or used products, to individuals who are located in the same area or region.

There are currently millions of posts on  Marketplace, covering a wide range of variety. You can find clothes, shoes, accessories, cars, houses, etc.

How to Access Facebook Marketplace

To enter this Facebook space you have two options. If you are accessing from the social network application, you will see a button with a drawing of a store in the central and lower part of the screen. If you are accessing from your personal computer, you will find the “Marketplace” option on the left side of the screen.

Once the corresponding window opens, you will be presented with the images of the items that the vendors located in your region have published.

How to sell a product on Facebook Marketplace

To put one of your products on sale, click on the “Sell something” button, and proceed to enter the item information including a photograph.

If someone wishes to purchase your product, they will contact you by message to complete the transaction. The seller and buyer must agree on the payment method and delivery of the object. Facebook is not involved in these aspects.

How to find a product to buy

Although you intend to sell, you may also want to buy something offered in the Facebook market. You can use the search bar and then filter by category, price, or location.

Once you locate what you require, contact the seller to coordinate the purchase.

How to sell from a business profile on Facebook Marketplace

Without having a business or company, you can create your company profile on this social network. With this profile, you can start promoting items for sale through constant publications.

This option can be used to verify if your products or services are well received and if they generate enough income to think about formally setting up a company.

Among the most outstanding advantages of this alternative are that it is free and that it allows you to create an extensive client portfolio. As for the completion of the sale, the platform does not interfere in payment or delivery. This must be agreed upon between the seller and the buyer.

Advertising on Facebook Marketplace

If you want to expand the advertising resources for your business, you can make use of Facebook ads. Keep in mind that these are payments, but you can use them without being a company.

The advantage of ads is that they make it easier for you to reach the right audience by defining data such as gender, age, interests, location, among others.

From your business profile you can create Facebook ads in the following way:

  • Post images of your services or products and describe your offer accurately and clearly.
  • Click on the “Promote” button which will appear in your publications.
  • Define the audience you want to reach.
  • Indicate how much money you will invest in advertising and the duration of it.

How to create a virtual store on Facebook

The social network has the option of creating a virtual store from the business profile for companies. If you have the company profile, you can create a virtual store from where you can sell your products.

We indicate the steps to follow to create your virtual store on Facebook.

Select the Store tab

To start you must enter your business profile. From there select the “Store” tab, and accept the policies and conditions defined for businesses.

Choose the type of store

The next step is to choose the type of store you want to create. This is defined by the form of payment and the currency that you will use in your transactions.

The platform only allows you to use one currency, so it is recommended that you select the one that your business uses or the one with the most circulation among your clients. In case you need to change the currency after your store is created, you must create a new store.

These are the types of stores that you can select:

  • Pay on Facebook: your buyers will be able to pay from your Facebook virtual store using PayPal or Stripe.
  • Pay on another website: you redirect buyers to another website to pay for the purchase.
  • Message to buy: customers must contact you through messages to execute the transaction.

Add products

Now you just have to start creating your product catalog, using good photography and attractive descriptions.

Join buy-sell groups

Facebook groups for the purchase and sale of objects and services have existed for many years. This is one of the first tools or mechanisms that users used to carry out their transactions, and it is still in force.

Joining one or more groups of these will serve as another way to increase your sales and earn money.

Find the right groups

From the search bar of the platform enter the phrase “buy sale” or something similar. In this way, you will see a list of the groups that exist.

You must make sure to enter groups that allow you to buy and also sell, that are located in your region or area, and that sell products in the same category as yours. Once you choose which one or which ones to join, press the “Join group” button.

Keep in mind that to enter a private group, the administrator must accept your request, which can take hours or even a day.

Publish your products

Once you become part of the group, you should only publish your products or services, making use of excellent photographs and a well-written description.

Through groups, you can share your publications with thousands of users, for free.

How to sell on your personal profile

From your Facebook profile, you can also sell and earn money.

You should only make a standard publication indicating that you have one or several items for sale. You can ask your circle of friends to share what you have published, to expand your audience.

This option is ideal if you only want to sell one product or object. It also gives you more confidence, since you will surely do business with someone you know, or with someone you know from a friend.


Use all the tools and facilities available on social media, and start earning money on Facebook right away.

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