How to promote your products and sell on Facebook

How to promote your products and sell on Facebook

By carolc

The facilities provided by Facebook to promote your products for sale are powerful. Remember that social media has become a very effective platform for digital marketing, and Mark Zuckerberg’s is one of the most popular.

With a little planning and coordination, you can put into practice the tips that we will give you, on how to promote your products and sell on Facebook.

Use your creativity

It is essential that you use all your ingenuity and creativity to sell your items. You must capture and capture the attention of the public in each, or most, of your posts. It is very important that you stand out from the rest and that you encourage people in some way, so that they click on your products.

Forget about creating standard posts all the time, use your wits.

Create attractive videos

This is a good way to show your creativity. Videos are one of the most used and most effective tools on social networks. You just have to keep in mind not to abuse it. Create short, explanatory, clear and attractive videos, this will help you attract users of the social network.

Through a video you can present your product or service, its usefulness, how to use it, the advantages it provides, and its most outstanding features. In this way the audience will know what it is all about and they will know perfectly what they will acquire.

Generate expectation

This is another way to put your creativity into practice. You can carry out promotions of your new releases with a halo of mystery. You can use phrases that describe without much detail any benefit or advantage that your product will bring; And on launch day, you can present it in rich detail.

In fact, using a video for your launch may be a good idea.

Use quality photos

This is a golden rule that you should not forget. An image is worth a thousand words, and in the digital world that is completely true.

You should always use good quality images, remember that this is the first thing that users of social networks see, and it is what will captivate them in the first instance.

On the other hand, Facebook posts that contain photographs are more effective than those that do not include them.

Take photography from a good angle, capture the essence of your products and highlight their best profiles. Another alternative is to include motivational phrases in your images, this increases the possibility that they will be shared.

Create catalogs

You can take advantage of the Facebook function that allows you to create albums, to generate your sales catalogs.

Use an appealing format to present your products to the public in a compendium. Remember to accompany each image with a description and the web address corresponding to the item for sale. This is very important to sell on Facebook.

Create contests

Contests are a widely used and very effective instrument. They help you get engagement and increase your audience.

You can offer one or several prizes, for those people who share your publication with a certain number of friends, or for those who generate the funniest or most creative comment about any of your products. In this aspect you have several options to choose from.

Use this tool from time to time and get the most out of it.

Make attractive posts

A good alternative to maintain your audience, and even increase it, is to create entertaining and attractive publications that provide useful information.

Don’t limit yourself to just sales posts. You can balance your publications including topics of interest related to your products or services. For example, if you sell sports shoes, you can post about the best exercises to stretch your muscles before you go running.

You can also create post that generate questions to your audience, such as: Do you prefer to exercise in the morning or at the end of the day?

Make promotions and discounts

Both promotions and discounts greatly attract shoppers. Of course, this sales instrument should be used wisely so as not to affect your income.

You can take advantage of those standard dates, when people are looking for an ideal gift. For example, you can create promotions for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, for Christmas, the popular “Black Friday”, etc.

You can also take advantage of the launch of a new product to carry out special promotions and strengthen your sales on Facebook.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is also a very powerful option on social media. You can contact a person who has a large number of followers to positively mention your store, products or services.

This will help you reach hundreds of users who may be interested in what you sell. If you have the opportunity to contact an influencers, do not miss it.

Use Facebook Ads.

This is a tool that the social network provides its users to allow them to promote their products in a very effective way.

You can promote the items you have for sale in a very direct and specific way. Through Facebook Ads, you can indicate the audience you want to reach with your advertising, indicating area, location, sex, age, preferences, among others. This way you guarantee that your promotions will be viewed by the appropriate audience.

This tool also allows you to use its resources according to your budget. You can make a small investment the first time and see how it works.

Take users to your website

If in addition to your Facebook page you have a website or blog, it is excellent news. If you don’t already have it, you can consider creating it, this would be very beneficial for your business.

When you have a website and a page on the social network, you can launch digital marketing between them. From Facebook you can insert links that take your users to your website, so they can enjoy new content. As soon as you create a new article on your blog, you can promote it through your Facebook account.

By keeping your website in coordination with your Facebook page, you can take advantage of the effectiveness of inbound marketing. On the other hand, having a website provides a level of professionalism to your business. Make sure you always have publications of interest that provide useful information, and publish constantly.


With some simple practices you can sell on Facebook effectively. Follow the tips that best suit you, and start earning money from home right away.