How to create your website with Wix?

How to create your website with Wix?

By carolc

To be in the business world or to enter it, nowadays it is practically essential to have a website. Technology, specifically the Internet, has become the main tool for promoting and buying and selling for companies or brands. That is why platforms such as Wix have become so popular, reaching thousands of users.

If you want to start in the web world, in this article we will describe how to create your website with Wix, step by step.

What is Wix?

It is a platform that allows you to create a website, online store, blog, and other types of online projects, totally free.

With a vast number of templates and components that it has at your disposal, it facilitates the entire process of creating your online space. You do not require any knowledge about programming or web design, to get the result you want.

You can create an entire web page in a few hours with the functions that Wix offers you.

What types of web pages does Wix allow you to create?

You can create a wide variety of pages using Wix. The platform provides you with the options of website, blog, digital portfolio, online store, among others.

For each type of page, you will find a large catalog of templates from which you can select to give shape and style to your creation.

Among the different types of templates we can mention the following:

  • Templates for business promotion.
  • Portfolios to promote professional work.
  • For travel sites, like blogs or travel agencies.
  • For sites that deal with wellness and health.
  • For fitness pages, like exercise blogs or a gym website.
  • For fashion and beauty websites, such as blogs or specialty stores.

Each of the templates that Wix presents to you, can be edited to adapt it to what you want.

How to register with Wix?

Like everything on this platform, registration is extremely simple. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Wix site.
  • Click on the “Get Started” button.
  • Enter the information they ask for, which consists of an email address and a password.
  • Click on “Sign up” and that’s it.

As an alternative to facilitate access to the platform, you can make use of your Google or Facebook account.

Once you create you register, log in and enter the world of Wix.

As we already mentioned, you can start and create your entire site for free, but it is important to note that to have access to the most powerful tools on the platform, you must opt ??for a paid plan. In case you are going to create an online store, you will have to pay a commission once you start earning money, without having to purchase a plan.

How to create your website on Wix?

Before starting with the creation of your web page, it is very important that you define What do you want? What will be the objective of your web project? Who is it for? All this will help you define a style or design for your page. Also, if you have a brand or logo, all the design of the website must be in accordance with it.

Take all the time you need to define the general idea of ??your project, and then start working on Wix, following these steps:

Select the editor to use

At this point you have already created your account and have entered Wix. Now, to start with the creation of your web project you must select one of the editors that the platform provides:

The ADI editor

This ADI tool (Artificial Design Intelligence) will ask you for certain information about the type of page you want to create and based on that information, it will automatically create the website.

This editor gives you the possibility to add data about your business or company, and select the color palette. It is the fastest and most practical way to create your website, with the option of customizing details.

The standard Wix editor

With this editor you will have to work a little more, but you will get more freedom. The first thing you should do is select the category or type of site that you will manufacture, you must indicate if it is an online store, a food site, a wedding site, etc.

After choosing the category, you will be presented with the templates corresponding to that category so that you can choose the most attractive one. Once you select it, you can change each element or detail to your liking. Take your time in this step, remember that it is about the appearance of your website, and it must be according to what you want.

Personalize your website

Even if you have opted for some of the Wix templates, you can customize everything. To do this, use the elements found in the sidebar.

Among the alternatives you have you can change the background by inserting your own image or changing the default color. Adding photos, logos, multimedia files, etc., is also possible.

To include some of the elements that the platform offers you, you just have to drag them to your website. Selecting an element will present formatting suggestions, but you can change it if you wish.

With Wix you can add functions to process payments, subscription forms, to make appointments or to offer real-time chat, among many other options.

Select a domain name

Once you have created your website, the platform will ask you to select a domain name.

You can choose any name that is not in use, but with the free plan your URL will have the following format: “ sitename”. If you have a paid plan, “” will not be included in the URL of your website.

Verify that your page is adaptable to mobile devices

Currently most people use their cell phones to access web pages, that is why you must validate that your creation is responsive web. In other words, it adapts to any type of screen or device, such as personal computers, smartphones or tables.

With Wix you can create your site for computer or mobile users, and verify that the presentation of information is appropriate for each device.

Check the usability of your website

In addition to good looks and attractive styling, your website should be easy to use and intuitive.

Check each detail such as the menu options, making it easy to locate and navigate; the text is legible and with a suitable size and format; take care there are no writing errors; the text is not overshadowed by the background color or images, and all kinds of aspects like these.

Take a general tour of your website, and make sure all the options are easily accessible, and the information presented is understandable to the user.

SEO optimization

Wix provides you with a set of SEO tools and functions that allow you to optimize your website, to achieve a good positioning in the search engines.

For this to work optimally, you must also do some research to find out what are the keywords that would benefit your site.


In summary, Wix is ??a platform that facilitates all the work of creating a website in a professional way. Take advantage of all its facilities and advantages, and create your space in the Internet world.