The best security apps for smartphones

The best security apps for smartphones

By carolc

Our cell phone and their applications have become part of our daily lives. The variety of functions and facilities that we can enjoy thanks to the different apps that exist in the market are wide. And of course, the safety of people, as well as those of their homes and belongings, could not be left out of this vast field of mobile technology.

In this article we will present you with some of the mobile applications that exist and that you can use from the comfort of your smartphone, to improve your security, that of your loved ones, and that of your belongings.

Applications for the safety of people

These are tracking or locating applications, designed with the sole purpose of safeguarding the safety of people while they are away from home. They are very useful if you must move from one place to another late at night, and especially for the protection of young people.


This security app offers a set of functions that make it one of the most complete tools.

It is an application that works as a family or friends network, in which you share your location with the people in your security circle so that they always know where you are. One of its most complete functions is “Follow Me”, which allows real-time tracking of a person while moving from one place to another, using GPS.

This development also allows configuring an alarm in case the person does not arrive at their destination in the scheduled time.

Another of the great facilities of bSafe is “Alert Guardian”, with just the press of a button you can immediately notify your family and friends that you need their help. The app will automatically send your location using GPS and also send a video of your surroundings at that time.

For location and alerting to work in your security group, everyone must have the app.


This is another of the most used applications for the protection of individuals. Beacon allows you to track devices that work with the Android operating system, and send messages between them for free.

This tool uses GPS to determine the location of a person through a computer, even if the phone of whom you want to locate has been turned off. To get the exact location, it makes use of the GPS, WiFi, and if necessary the communication towers.

Protection for your home and bikes

Another way to protect your family and property is by using smart locks and keys. These constitute a practical, useful, and very modern way of safeguarding your loved ones and belongings.

On the one hand, you will not be presented with the problem of lost keys, and on the other, you can monitor that everything is in order from your cell phone when you want.

August Smart Lock

In combination with its app, this is one of the most popular smart padlocks.

August Smart Lock operates using Bluetooth, and can also be configured to work with WiFi by purchasing an additional accessory. This allows you to constantly monitor the security of your home, through its application.

One of the facilities provided by the app is that of opening the door of your home remotely. On the other hand, the intelligence of this lock allows it to open when it detects that you are coming home.

In case you have a visit, you can use the app to assign it a key, which will work independently of yours.


This is a powerful tool for bicycle protection. It works by combining a smart lock with an effective and easy to use a mobile application.

The safety device that secures the bicycle has a sturdy design. Its components are sealed to withstand inclement weather, and its electronic elements, as well as the battery, are resistant to different temperatures. On the other hand, its battery with advanced technology can have a useful life of five years.

As for its application, it makes it easy for you to configure a network of shared bicycles, in which you can facilitate your location to friends and family.

You can also have control of your activity on two wheels since the app provides you with information regarding the distance traveled, how long your journey lasted, and how many calories you burned during your ride.

To lock or unlock your bike, just press a button on your mobile device. In case your cell phone is turned off due to a lack of battery, you can make use of a four-digit code indicated on the security device directly.

For those moments when you do not remember where you located your transport, you can turn to the application, which records by GPS, the last place where you secured your bike.

The application can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.


This is another application designed especially for those people who use bicycles. Ellipse together with its safety device, provide maximum protection to your two-wheeled transport.

It is an application easy to use and very intuitive. With this tool you can with a single touch on your cell phone, lock or unlock the padlock that protects your bike. You can also configure automatic proximity locking and unlocking.

The app sends you alerts when your bike is being touched or manipulated, thanks to the movement detection built into the protection device. You can adjust the sensitivity level if you wish.

Another feature is shared access, which allows you to create a network of bicycles with family or friends. You can also activate alerts so that in the event of an accident your phone sends a notification to your emergency contacts.

This app is available for Android and iOS phones.

Safety accessories

Another option that you can use in conjunction with your cell phone is the location or tracking accessories. These devices can be attached to your belongings such as bags, purses,s, or keys to find them in case you lose them. Another very useful option for these elements is to take them with you or assign them to a loved one to always know where they are.

BiiSafe Buddy

BiiSafe Buddy is one of the most widely used security accessories. It has a very compact design which allows you to place it in your wallet, suitcase, keychain, or on your clothing.

For its part, the application allows you to create a security group whose members will be alerted in case the alarm is activated.


It is a very reliable alternative that gives you peace of mind and security.

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