How to take care of your dog with the help of mobile applications

How to take care of your dog with the help of mobile applications

By carolc

There are various mobile applications that have been developed with animal lovers, and their faithful companions in mind. Currently you can have apps that help you care for your dog in different ways. Some of these developments give you professional advice on your dog’s general health. Others offer you valuable information on how you should feed him, what type of exercises to do, and above all how you should educate him.

On the other hand, you will also find applications that allow you to socialize with people related to your love for dogs, and even find friends or playmates for your quadruped. There are many aspects covered by these apps, but they all point to the same goal, to help you care for your precious pet.

We present you the best mobile applications for the proper care and upbringing of your dog.

Pro Plan P5 Dog

This is an application created by the renowned Purina brand, whose purpose is to help you train your faithful friend in the most appropriate way. Through the app you can access a complete training and food guide. You can also get tutorial videos and a wide range of exercises.

On the other hand, the application allows you to have control of your dog’s activities, and validate its progress. Another function that you can enjoy is to visualize the experience that other people and their dogs have had in “agility”. This is a sports program designed for the guides and their dogs, and consists of a circuit made up of a number of obstacles that the canine must overcome, working as a team with his trainer.

This Purina app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Experto animal

In Experto animal you can share with a large community that is dedicated to giving advice, to help you optimize coexistence with your pet.

Educating your dog can become a real challenge if you do not have the required basic information. You may get good behavior from your furry friend, applying positive reinforcement without reprimanding him.

Something very important to note about this app, is that it is a community that is supported according to their experience, it is not a specialized coach, so if you need professional help you should go to the appropriate instances. However, this app is a good start.


It is a tool developed to help you educate and teach your dog some tricks.

The app provides a series of daily workouts for you to teach him good behavior standards and some additional activities. You can also keep track of the progress of the training, and give the corresponding reward to your pet, when the indicator of the application indicates so.

This application is available for Android and iOS.

Dog Care Encyclopedia

It is a software that provides information on the development and on the needs that the dogs present, in each phase of their growth.

On the other hand, it also provides an extensive list of health conditions that your pet may suffer, and instructions on how to treat them in the first instance, before consulting the vet.

The app is available only on the Google Play Store.

Pet Master Pro

This is a very helpful app to have a thorough control over your dog’s habits and health. You can record and monitor meals, vaccines, deworming, medications he has taken, if he has allergies, the last visit to the vet, if he has an insurance policy, his registration number, etc.

You can make use of this application on your iOS or Android device.


This development has been created with the aim of providing you with accurate and instant information about the food you can offer your dog.

It is very normal that you get used to sharing your food with your beloved pet, but this is not always a good idea. With iKibble you will be able to see if what you are about to offer your dog is healthy and beneficial for him or not. Additionally, with this app you will be able to know at what moment of the day it is better to feed it with one meal or another.

You can download this application for devices that operate on Android or iOS.

Relax My Dog

It is an ideal tool for those restless dogs or those who have a hard time when they are alone at home.

This application has a compendium of melodies or sounds that help dogs minimize their anxiety and even sleep. Relax My Dog has helped millions of dogs that had problems with stress, anxiety, boredom or hyperactivity.

You can download it and try its free version for a whole month. It works on both Android and iOS devices.


It is a tool created to help you keep a detailed control of your pet’s clinical incidents. It works for dogs, cats and any other type of animal to which you must take a medical control.

You can attach the medical history of your animal, the x-rays, the records, the next vaccines, the times when you should administer the medicine, etc.

You can download it from your Android or iOS device.

Applications for other types of pets

Terrarium Manager Trial

For those whose pet is a reptile, there is this app created especially for cold-blooded animals.

Thanks to this tool, you can efficiently manage the care of a terrarium. You can keep track and control of tasks such as feeding the animals, carrying the weight and length of the reptile, following the process of laying eggs, etc.

This app is available only on Google Play Store, and currently in English.

My birds

For those who opt for birds, this application is the ideal alternative.

It allows to manage all the data concerning the feeding of the feathered ones, as well as the laying and hatching of the eggs. You can keep track of families and even find a mate for bird breeding.

It is available exclusively for Android devices.