How to take care of your cell phone, the best tips

How to take care of your cell phone, the best tips

By carolc

Currently and thanks to the facilities and advantages it offers us, the cell phone is a fundamental tool in our lives. These mobile devices are an instrument that allow us to keep in touch and updated on the daily events.

Additionally, through the applications that we have downloaded on our smartphone, we can develop endless work and personal activities that facilitate our day to day.

In short, the cell phone has become a device of great importance to most of us. That is why in this publication we will detail the best tips on how to take care of your cell phone.

Protect your mobile phone battery

One of the essential components for the proper functioning of a cell phone is the battery. This is the power source that allows the device to be kept on and running, hence the importance of adequately charging the battery every time it is required.

Although there are many myths about this aspect, we will indicate what the experts recommend to obtain the longest useful life of your cell phone battery:

  • Something to avoid is overcharging the battery. It may seem a bit illogical, but it is recommended that you do not charge the battery up to one hundred percent. You also shouldn’t leave it charging overnight. An ideal charge is in the range of 40 and 50%. It is better to charge the battery several times during the day, than to allow it to fully charge.
  • Avoid complete discharge of the battery. You should not allow your cell phone to turn off due to a complete discharge from its power source. The most advisable thing is that you connect your cell phone to the charger when the battery level is at 10%.
  • To give a little more battery power for a day, you can disable the connection options that you are not using, such as Bluetooth or WiFi. This alternative also works when it comes to the data plan, a 4G plan consumes more power than a 3G plan, so turning off 4G is a good idea if you don’t require it.
  • The CPU or memory of the mobile phone is one of the main energy consumers. While it is active or performing some task, it will be consuming battery, so if you are not using some applications you must close them. If the apps are not closed, they will continue executing processes even if you are not using them, and this leads to energy consumption.
  • In case you intend to stop using your mobile device for some time, do not leave the charge empty or complete. Leave it between 40 and 60%, so that it remains in an optimal state.

Do not use generic accessories

Your charger may be lost or damaged for some reason. In any case, you should make sure to replace it with an original charger that corresponds to the model of your smartphone.

Using a generic charger can backfire on your equipment. On the one hand, these types of chargers are made with poorly resistant or poor quality materials that could cause an accident. On the other hand, they usually make use of a completely different voltage from that required by your samartphone, and do not meet the safety requirements.

Additionally, a generic charger does not provide the proper charge, so the process will be much slower. This could alter the charge cycle of the battery and damage it.

Protect your cell phone with a case

Having a protective case specially designed for your mobile phone model is important. A protective casing can prevent damage from falls, bumps, scratches, or contact with sharp objects.

Today, there are countless case designs to protect countless models of mobile devices. These linings represent a good investment for the physical protection of your phone. You just have to make sure you choose one made with a highly resistant material, and that provides the proper care for your device.

As a complement, you can purchase additional protection for the screen of your smartphone, which will prevent it from being scratched or damaged, the repair of which can represent a considerable sum of money.

Update the operating system

Although most of the updates required by the cell phone currently run automatically, it is good to check on your own whether the manufacturer has released a new version of the operating system. If so, update the OS of your device to optimize its operation.

On the other hand, it is very common that in new versions the OS includes security improvements, which will help you protect your device.

Install an antivirus

One of the options that will allow you to protect the software on your mobile phone is to install an antivirus app.

These applications are designed to prevent external attacks or the execution of any harmful program that may put the information contained in the device at risk. There are also apps that additionally include functions to protect your phone in case of loss or theft.

Analyze the alternatives that exist for your communication device, and install the most appropriate one.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Exposing your mobile device to excessive heat for a period of time can cause damage to internal components and circuits, including the battery and touch screen. The same happens if the phone is exposed to low temperatures.

You should keep your device in a pleasant environment with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

Additional tips

  • Do not remove memory cards from your cell phone, unless strictly necessary. In this way you will be protecting the contact components, which are usually delicate.
  • Prevent your cell phone from submerging in water. Although there are some models resistant to the vital liquid, it is safer for the device not to be exposed to liquid substances.
  • Do not turn off your mobile phone constantly, this is not necessary at all. Experts recommend turning it off once or twice a year, to optimize process execution and energy consumption.
  • If you want to clean your cell phone properly, use a microfiber cloth moistened with alcohol or vinegar.


Following these recommendations you can extend the life of your cell phone, and enjoy its benefits for longer.